Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hippity Hop Hop, Hippity Hop Hop, Here comes the Spring Bunny?


Robin’s Commentary
Political correctness (PC) is a term that was originally intended to provide a minimum offense particularly to racial, cultural, or other identity groups.

Although very well intended originally to be more respectful of others, however, it seems to me like political correctness has just gotten to the point of being ridiculous and very one-sided.

For example, when the Christmas tree became the holiday tree because it was politically incorrect to call it that and somebody might be offended by it.

"oh my God, there is a Christmas tree!" I am so offended... wait a minute....did I just say God?"

Some businesses ordered their employees to wish their customers to say "happy holiday" instead of "Merry Christmas" for fear of offending their customers.

However, have you ever noticed that nobody ever complained about taking Christmas off from work and with pay?

Anyway, the political correctness people are at it again this time attacking Easter, turning Easter into spring and making the Easter bunny into the "spring bunny".

So when is enough enough?

Why don't you ever hear of any of the other non-Christian holidays and events being renamed to something more "politically correct"?

Imagine what would happen if we called Ramadan or Mawlid al-Nabi which celebrates the birth of Mohammed by another name?

The Chinese New Year sounds pretty racial to me, perhaps we should rename that.

And of course, don't even think about renaming Cinco de Mayo.

While I agree that just out of common courtesy we should try not to offend other people, however, when it comes down to a country's culture that has been around for centuries, and it does not matter which country, we should be respectable for that country's tradition.

Christmas, Easter, whether you believe in God or not is part of this country's culture and should be celebrated as such.

However, if you are going to deny one culture and replace it with something else, then you should do that for all religions in order to be "politically correct.”


Anonymous Laura said...

My favorite line -
Belief in something unites people
religion divides them.

4:47 AM  
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