Wednesday, August 30, 2006

search warrants Saturday morning led to discovery of four separate meth Labs in Junction city

Oregon State police--

Following a two-month long investigation, the Oregon State believed me that initiative team detectives and Drug Enforcement Administration agents served a search warrant Saturday morning that led to arrest and discovery of four separate meth labs on a property west of Junction city.
Harley Harold Brewer, 61, was taken into custody. The agents also located four separate methamphetamine laboratories on the property.
"This lab shutdown is another in a long list of examples of how Oregon is leading the nation in this fight -- shutting down 77% of the state's meth labs last year alone," said Governor Kulongoski. "Our Oregon State Police provide a critical role in stopping meth from coming over our state's borders, and I am extremely grateful for their good work. This shutdown highlights the urgent need for 24/7 coverage for our state's roads and highways."

In addition to the drug related evidence, detectives located a stolen car, a stolen Harley-Davidson motorcycle, motorcycle parts and motors with altered vehicle identification numbers.
Proof positive once again that requiring prescriptions for cold medicine has made a significant cut back on the methamphetamine manufacture in Oregon. [Must've been a Walgreens in the area]


Blogger jeff said...

How many other meth lab busts have you heard of recently?

Nothing is 100%... but does that mean that not doing something that is 80% effective is the right answer?

By your arguement, chemo and radiation treatments wouldn't be approved because they don't work 100% of the time.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While nothing is 100%, it is how you approach it.

If a video store for example has 10,000 customers and 50 of those customers steal movies, should I change my policies based only on those 50 customers? No!

That is what Sleepy Ted has done with meth by requiring prescriptions for common OTC meds. You have basically punished the 9,950 customers because of the actions of a few, and in my opinion, not looking at the bigger picture, like porous borders which allow major drug traffic into the country

12:23 PM  
Blogger Bobkatt said...

Robin, I agree. My wife has allergies and asthma and depends on these cold medicines along with her other prescription drugs and nebulizer to breathe. It seems to me that putting the cold meds. behind the counter and requiring ID to purchase was deterent enough. With so much concern about health care costs how can they think it's OK to require a doctors visit and a prescription?
The majority of all illegal drugs make their way up here from Mexico, including the ingredients to make meth. Close the border, stop the flow.

1:40 PM  
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