Sunday, August 20, 2006

New changes on the way you renew your driver's license or identity card


Real ID act and facial recognition are things to come at the DMV
Starting August 25, 2006, the DMV will no longer except rental agreements or lease contracts as proof of residence when customers apply for driver's licenses or identification cards.
State law requires proof of a person's resident address before DMV can issue a driver's license, instruction permit our ID card. Acceptable ID includes mortgage agreements issued within the current or previous year of application for DMV services, a paycheck stub issued by an Oregon employer within the previous 60 days, a utility hookup order dated within the previous 60 days or for a minor, a statement from a parent or Guardian and living at the same address.

Senate Bill 640 --
Under the real ID act and Senate Bill 640, give states until May 2008 to comply with facial recognition technology.
Customers who apply for a new, replacement or renew drivers license, instruction permit our ID card will receive an interim card during their visit to the DMV office. DAV will run a one-to-many facial recognition verification checks during the customers visit to the field office which will compare the applicant's current photo with a photo that was last issued on her driver's license, instruction permit our ID card.

If DMV staff determines that the applicant's photo matches a file under a different name, DMV will not issue a drivers license and the interim document will become invalid. If however, DMV has reason to suspect a person is attempting to commit identity theft, the agency will notify the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction in the area.

Other changes in the issuance of drivers license, etc. is centralized issuance. The one-to-many facial recognition requires an overnight process and potential matches with photos on file to be investigated prior to issuance. These changes also require DMV to mail cards directly to applicant's who should receive their cars within three weeks.

(And not surprising, the cost of SB 640 may be recovered with a fee increase of up to three dollars per application.)


Blogger Bobkatt said...

This is a step toward curbing the fraud and corruption in the issuing of state driver's licenses. I realize this is a Federal program but this is something the states could and should have been doing for years. To say that illegal immigration is only a Federal problem is to shirk the responsibility that local and state agencies have to maintain law and order.
While the open border goons would have us believe that all the illegals only come here to work and that the only law they have broken is to cross the border, that doesn't account for the millions that are committing ID fraud, tax evasion, tax fraud, and driving with no insurance.
Thanks to Daniel and friends for their vigilance and determination.
We are on the right track.

4:07 PM  
Blogger RINO WATCH said...

This could have been implemented last year in Oregon.

HB 2608 was held up by RINO George Gilman from Medford (under instructions from House leadership, I'm sure...)

The D's in the Senate would have held it up if passed by the House but it would have created a HOT election issue like Jessica's Law would have been.

5:14 PM  
Blogger Scottiebill said...

The ONLY reason this thing was not put into practice long ago is Teddy the K, Champion of the Illegal Alien. And, of course, Guillermo Bradbury, Teddy's Faithful Right Hand. Potential Dumbocrat votes are a powerful incentive to inaction to uphold the law.

This thing is too long coming. My question is this: How long does anyone give before the illegals find a way around it? How long before some idiot judge declare it "unconstitutional"? My bet is that it will happen before the November elections by Judge James in Salem. The same judge that said Measure 37 was "unconstitutional".

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Even though we don't seem to see it in the news so much these days, I believe the immigration issue is what will decide the mid-term elections. Watch closely! Small articles an the back pages are saying it is even a bigger issue than the war on terrorism. About time!

8:36 AM  
Blogger Scottiebill said...

Laura, You could be right. The November elections my oust a couple of Conservative Republicans and get them replaced with a couple of Libera Dumocrats. But all these elections will do, really, is put in do-nothing politicians who are more concerned with reelection than with doing the public's business. The whole election process has degenrated into nothing more than getting a bunch of losers into public office: those losers being those who are mainly incapable of making it in the private sector.

This is not to say that all politicians are like this. There are a very few who actually are in there to try to help improve our country's welfare. But, for those few there are 10 more who are there to do all they can to stymie any progress that might be forthcoming. Especially if those efforts go against anything, real or perceived, that the opposition wants.

Witness all the attacks on the President by the liberal lefties and the liberal print media as well as on CNN or Cindy Sheehan, if you want to see real but misguided anti-Presidential and anti-American venom, bought and paid for by George Soros and and defended by the AmINOCLU if you need confirmation of this.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

I agree with you about the politicians. Since this is a country OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people, I think we need to get rid of career politicians who make it a family business and get some fresh blood in congress. Nothing will change as long as the same bad eggs keep showing up in the nest.
Somewhere in our country there may be a person that could solve a lot of our problems, but because the Bushes, Clintons and Kennedys (etc) are in control, that person will never get a chance. Sadly, he (or she) is probably too poor and will never be heard. I wonder if the cure for cancer or aids is in the mind of a young person working in a mill or waiting tables.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as long as there money or votes to be gained, nothing will be done to change that.
congress was backing Bush's plan until people started to make a big stink about it.

it all comes back to just how out of touch our goverment is with it's people

11:56 AM  
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