Friday, January 27, 2006

Special Commentary Series about Locals Colleges and Universities

February 9, 2006
Your chance to sound off.

Welcome to the roundtable discussion about local schools and universities in Oregon.

The central focus of this forum is to offer you an opportunity to express your opinions and offer constructive criticism based on your experiences in the higher learning institutions.

Keep in mind, that people in the various administrations* do visit this blog and therefore while I encourage you to be honest in expressing your experiences both during and after college, I ask that you please address your comments accordingly and respectfully. Posts that bash individuals or inflammatory statements will not be tolerated and will be removed.

Anonymous postings are welcome in addition to postings from teachers and administrators.
It may not seem like it, but your input is important and valued.

Some topic suggestions ...

§ Financial aid issues, the maximum credit limit…
§ Quality of instruction, were the instructor's knowledgeable and receptive to questions?
§ Were the tools available to properly teach the course
§ Did the classes focus on the course description?
§ How much did you spend for your education and did you feel that it was money well spent?
§ Did you get a job in your major?
§ Were there any courses that you were excited about?
§ Do you have any suggestions for improvement
§ Other

Any input or comments about your experiences are important.

And remember, one rule in business is... "If one person says it, 10 others are thinking it."

Okay, with that said, let's see how well this works.

*Disclaimer: There is no direct involvement. This is an unsolicited open forum focusing on local colleges and universities issues.

links of interest:
20/20 Special:Stupid in America
Caution... slow blogging ahead (maximum credit limit, etc.)
LCC financial aid maximum credit limit policy
the maximum credit limit raises its ugly head again


Anonymous Laura said...

I love school, but it has been a struggle. Bad advice from a dunsel counselor can destroy anybody's academic journey. At LCC, we all know who that is. He helps no one, is rarely in his office and when he does give advice, it is wrong, bad or stupid. He is kept at the college because of tenure. UNFAIR! This years budget cuts mean a teacher or two will lose their job. But the useless counselor that has ruined many a student, gets to keep his job. UNFAIR! I think raises and jobs should be on merit. If you are the best man for the job, then you get it. If you have been around for twenty years then you should know how to do your job better than God and tenure shouldn't matter. Whatever happened to work ethics? I'm sure this happens in the University as well. I'd like to know how much money is thrown away each year on people who do nothing of benefit. It sounds an awful lot like the Federal Government to me.

10:31 AM  
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