Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Honesty and Respect -- words that you never heard in politics until now

Robin's Commentary

Some might say that Senator Jason Atkinson is the new kid on the block and considering his age, that in some respects is true. Senator Atkinson is definitely not your father's politician believing in the same old same old method of politics.

Several months ago, I had the honor to have coffee with the senator along with a few other bloggers in town. I am not a reporter; I'm just an average citizen who is tired of the news media not asking questions that the public [or at least my circle of friends] feels are important.
For example, who really cared who President Clinton was sleeping with today? That is an issue between him and his wife Hillary. However that was what the media focused on versus the other important stuff going on around the world at the time.

So you're left thinking, how does this affect me? Why is this important to me?

The questions that I asked were more pertinent, I felt to what is happening now in Oregon and that affect me and my family. Questions such as how do you feel about ODOT installing a GPS system in your car to charge you a random per mile road tax?

"Politicians promise anything that the public wants to hear in order to get into office, then once elected, it is a free-for-all and the public no longer matters. What about you?"

I know that this was not a pardon the pun, "politically correct" question to ask somebody who is running for office, but I will say that I was very impressed with his answer.

"I'm an honest person and I'm not going to lie to get into office." Was Senator Atkinson's response to my question. I truly believe that came from his heart and I did not pick up anything that led me to believe that it was a bunch of BS.
I am running because I believe in the common sense, good will and sound judgment of real Oregonians whose voices are too often silenced by entrenched special interests in the Oregon Legislature.
If you feel as I do, that we have to change the way we do business in Salem; if politicians make you feel like you don't matter and special interests seem like an overwhelming force against the voice of the voter, don't give up. Join me. We can restore honor to public service. We can rebuild trust with Oregonians. We can hear the voices of Oregonians in the halls of government again.{source}

The power of bloggers

If you been on the Internet for any length of time, you have heard of blogging. Blogging has become such an important medium in our society that the central media now regularly considers bloggers opinions to be important. And just like the rule of thumb, that bad news travels faster then good news, Senator Atkinson took a chance.

Wanting to reach the people, Senator Atkinson did something that to my knowledge no politician has ever done before. He drove over an hour on the freeway to go out of his way to meet a handful of bloggers.

"I met with a handful of bloggers, and out of that organically an Atkinson for Governor blogger network was started," he said. "I was told we now have 20 blog sites on the Net."
Such unconventional means "have been extremely well received," said Atkinson. World Net Daily

Senator Atkinson does not believe in mudslinging and I feel that he is very sincere when he says that he wants to help fix what is wrong with the State of Oregon.
He has proven his sincerity to me at least that he wants to be in touch with the people and stay in touch with the people even after he is elected.
Oregon can no longer afford the "business as usual" politicians and leadership. We desperately need someone in the governor's office who is responsive to the people, not someone who feels that the solution to everything is to throw more money at it and that the people of Oregon are only a revenue source just waiting to be tapped.
Keep an eye on the new kid on the block [Senator Atkinson], I think he's going places.


Anonymous Tim said...

Meet Senator Atkinson Thursday, January 26, 7PM at the Portland Republican Meetup. Details at republican.meetup.com/225

5:47 PM  
Blogger Capitol 3 said...

Hello Jason would be a great covenor in 2006 here is some of the reason why we are voting for him were concerned voters about measure 37 Land use Laws and Measure 36.
Gods blessings
Sen. Atkinson In World Net Daily, VERY good.

Date : Tue, Jan 24, 2006 01:52 PM

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WND Exclusive ELECTION 2006
A Republican governor in blue-state Oregon?
Youthful senator targets special interests, seeks to oust Dems after 24 years
Posted: January 24, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Ron Strom
© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

Jason Atkinson

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Hoping to rise above the partisan knell and use his youthful exuberance and idealism to attract disenchanted voters, state Sen. Jason Atkinson plans to be the first Republican governor in 24 years to lead blue-state Oregon.

While some detractors have scoffed at Atkinson's youth, at 35 he has eight years of experience in the state Legislature, having grown up in a family steeped in both politics and media. That combination of youth, experience and media savvy just might be the formula that could put the senator in the governor's office, some observers believe.

Intoning a populist theme, Atkinson says his campaign is based on two words: hope and respect. In fact, the senator champions the Progressive Movement of 100 years ago when special interests in the United States were rebuffed and the "voice of the people" was strengthened.

Atkinson says he discounts the idea that leaders from both major parties are bound to a "business as usual" approach to governing, saying he favors "a conservative approach which is actually a populist approach … to give the people their government back."

He decries the fact that one county judge overturned Measure 37 last year, a popular statewide initiative that restored certain property rights to Oregonians. Before the judge took action, Atkinson said, "special interests spent seven months of the Legislature trying to overturn it." The senator also mentioned special interests that tried to overturn Measure 36, which defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman in Oregon.

"I want to return power back to people," Atkinson told WND. "The people feel disconnected. They're fed up."

Special interests are one of Atkinson's chief targets as he faces two better-known Republicans in a May primary election.

"I am frustrated the special interests have more power and influence than voters and the people they elected to represent them," states Atkinson on his website. "I am determined to change the way we do business in Salem. It is wrong to fund education last. It is a failure of leadership to allow the will of the voters to be overturned. It is a mistake to confuse a special interest agenda with an agenda in Oregon's best interests."

Atkinson believes special interests have taken over politics in the state over the past 20 years.

"In Oregon, we've got a system of special interests that command the agenda," he said.

The senator pointed a finger directly at the teachers' unions, saying education lobbyists care only about getting more money from government coffers while disregarding the true needs of rank-and-file union members.

Noting the state's elected officials all say education is a priority, Atkinson emphasized that the K-12 funding bill is routinely the last spending bill to pass – thanks to the power of special interests that "bottle up the bill and force delay."

He says the education special interests play games with budget numbers to vilify Republicans and paint them as indifferent toward schools.

"Since I've been in office for eight years, education funding has gone up a billion dollars," he said, but lobbyists are able to manipulate the media into reporting that "Republicans cut education."

Added Atkinson: "It's not about children with the special interests; it's about money and power."

The senator compared the simmering corruption scandal involving D.C. lobbyist Jack Abramoff to the way politics work in Salem, the capital of Oregon – something he aims to change if he is elected governor.

Attracting 'frustrated Democrats'

Atkinson outlined three immediate goals he would seek to fulfill within 100 days of assuming the governor's office: Break the "monopoly of special interests" on the education budget, pass Jessica's Law, which establishes minimum sentences for sex offenders, and eliminate capital gains taxes.

"If I can accomplice those three things in the first 100 days, the balance of power in Oregon will shift dramatically," he said.

Democrats hold a slight edge to Republicans in voter registration in Oregon, 39 percent to 36 percent. In 2000, President Bush lost the state to then-Vice President Gore by just 6,000 popular votes.

Atkinson says "independents and frustrated Democrats" in the Portland area will be key for him to attract if he's to pull together a winning coalition.

Helping the cause of whichever Republican wins the primary is the fact that Washington, D.C., newspaper Roll Call in October named the incumbent Democrat governor, Ted Kulongoski, the most vulnerable state executive in the nation. Statewide polling has shown as little as 33 percent of Oregon voters would choose to keep Kulongoski in office.

In May's primary race, Atkinson faces Kevin Mannix, a former legislator who narrowly lost to Kulongoski in 2002, and Portland attorney Ron Saxon, who also ran in the GOP primary four years ago.

In his quest to garner the Republican nomination, Atkinson is collecting the support of nationally known elected officials, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

"The governor has endorsed Jason Atkinson," Perry spokesman Robert Black told WND, "and we will be doing what we can to see that he's elected."

Added Black: "[Perry] believes he'd be a good governor for the state or Oregon."

'Don't give up'

Atkinson nearly left politics a few years ago. He tells the story of the birth of his son – premature and weighing 1 pound – during a time when he was being "beaten up" by his opponents and in the media. At that low point in his life, he says he came close to not running for re-election – but then he received a letter that changed his thinking.

"A little lady in Cave Junction sent me a note," he explained. "At the time she was 78 years old, and she sent me a check for $10. … She wrote, 'I want you to know that you made me proud. Don't give up.' Without being overly sentimental, that's why I ran for re-election."

The senator later set out five criteria that would have to be met for him to run for governor – including whether it would be "right" for his family.

"That included a tremendous amount of prayer," he recalled, "over a year's worth."

Another issue was whether or not he could run for the "right reasons" and stand on his philosophy of government without changing his tune between the primary and general elections. He decided he could – and would.

The candidate criticized the method he says Republicans traditionally use to run for governor in Oregon:

"They raise a pile of money from the same 10 people and say, 'I'm going to get real conservative in the primary and then real moderate in the general election.'"

Such an approach, he says, obviously has proven unsuccessful, so he's using the lessons of the past to chart a different strategy.

Atkinson emphasizes the grass-roots nature of his campaign, saying though he doesn't lead the GOP candidates in money raised, he has "raised more money in $10 increments than anybody else has."

Campaigning on the Net

Atkinson believes his youth, experience and freshness will attract young professionals, independent voters and loyal Republicans.

Besides being younger than his opponents – which he says puts him in good stead with young voters in Oregon – Atkinson is utilizing untraditional means to get the word out, including the Internet.

"I met with a handful of bloggers, and out of that organically an Atkinson for Governor blogger network was started," he said. "I was told we now have 20 blog sites on the Net."

Such unconventional means "have been extremely well received," said Atkinson.

Of his campaign team, Atkinson said, "We've got passion, tempo and work ethic, and the other guys are not going to be able to keep pace."

Even though conventional wisdom would say a young lawmaker from the "wrong part of the state," southern Oregon, can't beat two better-known attorney politicians, Atkinson says recent polling data is positive.

In both scientific and non-scientific polls, the senator has come in either first or second in the three-way GOP race.

Atkinson compares himself to his opponents in many areas – a comparison he sees as a plus.

"You're not going to say this Republican is 60 years old, he's really well-connected and he's wealthy – you're not going to be able to say that," Atkinson told WND. "What you're going to be able say is this guy is has a young family who rides his bike, loves to fish and is outside all the time."

His message: "I'm not a Republican to be feared – and that's all the Democrats are going to come after me with."

Political junkies in Oregon foresee a rousing fight between the three Republicans in this spring's contest.

"There's a potential for a Republican bloodbath in the primary," Dave Hunnicutt, the executive director of Oregonians in Action, a property rights group, told the Associated Press. "Saxton, Mannix and Atkinson … you probably won't have any Kumbayah meetings between the three of them."

While Atkinson is open about his Christian faith, he believes some Christian in politics have "been martyred" by standing for one position so strongly that they become ineffective or are defeated at the polls.

"Some have been so ideologically rigid that they were actually irrelevant in public discourse," he explained.

Referring to his own faith, Atkinson commented, "I can't say that I believe in the model that Christ gave of servant leadership if I didn't try to live it – and that's who I am."

He says that as a person of faith he wants to be effective in the long term, but will not water down his core principles.

Indeed, Atkinson openly voices his stance against abortion. Sunday, the senator addressed a rally of pro-lifers commemorating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade here, telling the approving crowd: "It's time to finally elect a pro-life governor in Oregon!"

A family affair

Politics runs in the family for Atkinson. His father, Perry, was a candidate for Congress in the 1990s and later served as chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. Perry now is president and general manager of Christian radio station KDOV in Medford, Ore., and hosts the station's morning talk show.

The baritone-voiced Atkinson, himself, has media experience, having written and produced a morning radio show and worked as an on-air personality. The senator also serves on the board of United Christian Broadcasters International.

Atkinson was first elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 1998 and was appointed to serve as assistant majority leader his first year in office. In 2000, he was elected to the state Senate, where he has served as deputy majority leader, majority whip and a committee chairman.

Last summer, Atkinson voted against a bill to establish same-sex civil unions in Oregon, and in 2003 he led opposition to a bill attempting to nullify for Oregonians some of the tax breaks in President Bush's stimulus package eventually passed on the federal level.

Atkinson family

In the private sector, Atkinson runs Allmand Tree Creative, a consulting firm, and also trains professionals on business ethics and servant leadership.

According to his online bio, Atkinson has been abroad several times on trade missions, serving as a representative of the United States in Egypt and Jordan.

Atkinson lives in Central Point, Ore., with his wife, Stephanie, and 3-year-old son, Perry "Pomp" Atkinson.

Said talk-show host and columnist Bob Just, who interviewed Atkinson on the radio recently: "Jason is young enough to dream and old enough to deliver."

Come May, Oregon Republicans will decide if that youthful idealism is attractive enough to put up against a powerful Democratic Party and possibly steer this blue state closer to the red end of the spectrum.

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1:22 AM  
Blogger Capitol 3 said...

great post I am tired of news Media also they surley do not tell the truth!they are not even covering the candidates in the Govenor races right now
this is upsetting to us normal citizens and voters...We should know who all the candidates are and what they stand for .

1:28 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

you hit the nail on the head.

The politicians and government are constantly showing just how out of touch and that they are with the public.

But that is also mainly our fault.

our political system is out of date.

It lacks the checks and balances that are needed to be in place to make it more responsive to people.

To the politicians, the public is a joke or nuisance that is constantly getting in the way. They know that all they have to do is keep throwing buzzwords at us such as "think of our children" or "cut public safety" and my favorite, "it is only a temporary tax" to try and con us in to voting for what ever measure they want more money for and are relying on our apathy and short memories to get there.

A talk show host in California said something a long time ago which I thought I really hit home. That we should borrow from other countries methods of government which work. Such as the parts of the parliamentary system where the politicians have to go before the Senate to promote their bills themselves and with a vote of no-confidence can get those politicians voted out of office.

That is the key right there. They know that once they are elected, that they can do anything they wish to do and there's not much anybody can do about it.

[Robin getting down off her soapbox now]

1:53 AM  
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