Wednesday, February 25, 2015

doing a reboot [again]

There is a lot going on in the news both locally and nationally and I've been biting at the bit to comment on it however, time is always been an issue.

That would change is coming on, including changes with the Internet radio station, KRBN, should soon be getting back into the saddle.

So stay tuned, keep checking back, new stuff coming… I promise.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bringing Back the Blog

Wow, it has been a while since I have done any blogging and believe me, with everything going on in the world and locally and as usual I have a lot to say about it unfortunately, time restraints have prevented me from properly maintaining this blog.

Times have changed and jobs have changed but things are getting better where my goal is to get all the little stuff wrapped up and to start anew in 2015.

In the meantime, I will be doing some posts on here as events occur and more heavily next year.

So please add this site to your bookmarks as I look forward to once again doing commentaries and reading your views as well.

See you soon.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

another US invasion?

Robin's commentary --

According to the dictionary, an invasion in which large parts of armed forces of one geopolitical entity aggressively in terms of territory controlled by another  generally with the objective of either conquering or reestablishing control or authority over territory forcing the partition of the country, altering the establishment government or gaining concessions of said government.

now admittedly a mob of 150 alone may in itself not construed as an invasion from another country however, this is just only one instance and they are anticipating more occurrences such as this one on Sunday as there is more talks of immigration reform.

hat tip 

Friday, November 15, 2013

articles of impeachment to be introduced...

Robin's commentary --

Politico --

When I saw the headlines about impeachment, I got excited thinking that the Republicans are finally going to follow through as threatened to impeach Obama.

Well according to political and other replicable news services such as Reuters, yes, papers of impeachment are going to be filed...

On Attorney General Eric Holder.



I'm confused!

One of the reasons that is cited for the House of Representatives plan to introduce articles of impeachment against Eric Holder is because they said that he lied to Congress as well as fail to uphold federal law.

Are we sure were not talk about Obama?

Texas representative Pete Olson who drafted the articles said, "this is not a decision that I made lightly.  Since the House voted in 2012 to hold Eric Holder in contempt, that pattern of disregard for the rule of law and refusal to be forthright has only continued."

Are you sure were not talk about Obama?

"The American people deserve answers and accountability" said Olson

uh... again... Obama?

Reasons outlined are  "Operation Fast and Furious", Holders decision not to enforce laws on same-sex marriage, on prison sentences for certain drugs crimes and lying to Congress about a Justice Department investigation onto Fox news correspondent James Rosen.

But, what about Obama?

Obama, openly admitting that the Constitution gets in his way and if Congress won't act he will.

Failing to negotiate on Obamacare has devastated thousands of Americans placing some in life's jeopardy because of his failed promise that "if you like your insurance... you can keep it."

And how the "big mouth in the White House" has dramatically ruined several people's lives by commenting on a local crime which was totally inappropriate and I'm referring to the Zimmerman case.

and I could fill up several pages of examples of where he broke the law, violated the Constitution, etc.

But then I see this video as Oprah Winfrey in an interview with the BBC clears it all up for me and explains that Americans are all just racist and that's why we're constantly picking on the president.

Silly me...

yes, a whole bunch of racist Americans elected Obama twice.

I guess we better turn our attention from Obama to Eric Holder as we should all be ashamed for putting down our president.




Insert MC Hammer song, "can't touch that"

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

can't stop Americans when they've had enough

Robin's commentary --

For whatever reason, presumably for uttering the words "God bless America" shut down the Facebook page that I've been following "truckers to shut down America" as a strike scheduled for October 10th through 13th not only to petition the government for issues facing truck driver that also to make the point about the corruption in government such as Obamacare and other government officials failing to acknowledge the Constitution.

One of the things that Americans are good for is coming together in a time of need and Facebook's decision [insert conspiracy here] isn't stopping anything as other Facebook pages are starting to crop up including individual websites.

Citizens in support of the Washington trucker convoy

Canadian truckers to shut down

Just to name a couple

the organizers released this press release...

"on Tuesday February 24, it was publicly announced on The Pete Santilli Show that radio talk show host Pete Santilli; an employee rights advocate and former lead plaintiff in a $2 million class-action lawsuit against Coca-Cola intended to file a class-action against Facebook.Pete Santilli has also indicated that he intends to take legal action against You Tube and twitter on behalf of all truckers, their supporters, as well as all other members of the public who are similarly harmed by these unconstitutional "community standards."
as of this release, despite numerous attempts to appeal Facebook's decision to reinstate the Truckers to Shut down America page, the page remains unpublished.  86,000 supporters as well as over 4 million citizens have been cut off from freely receiving information about this event and expressing themselves." ride for the
 in the meantime, in addition to this being the first day of the Obamacare exchanges, it is also the first day of the limited shutdown of the government.

As usual, public services such as museums, national Parks another stuff that is supposed to directly impact the American people have been closed.

They're playing the same game as usual and hopefully this time people won't buy it.

It will be definitely interesting on how this all plays out as "we the people" are starting to say...

We've had enough,

We want you to read the bill...

And NO Nancy Pelosi, you don't have to pass the bill to know what's in it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Facebook shuts down website over "God bless America" comment

Robin's Commentary --

As predicted, when "Truckers to Shut down America" on October 11-13 went ballistic literally gaining over 80,000 "likes" in under a week and gaining support both in Canada and Germany as well as the group, "Overpasses for Impeachment of Obama", suddenly disappeared from existence when Facebook "banned" the site for using "God bless America" at least so they claim.

every reference on every Facebook page to the site was removed just like this site never existed.

Zeeda Andrews, created a second site "ride for the" in order to continue the effort and also is where she tells her story about what's happening.

In addition, she can also be heard on the Internet radio Pete Santilli Show courtesy of guerrilla media network.

So the question remains did Facebook take down the page simply because of somebody using the phrase "God bless America" or was it for something else?

It'll be interesting as we see this unfold and also if anything really does happen October 11-13.

But like I've said when this site came to my attention, as fast as it is growing it won't be long that major media picks it up [which has happened] and hopefully will send a message that the people [peasants] are not happy.

next, we need to find somebody in Washington who really cares.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Robin's commentary --

It's really interesting that literally three days ago this website was brought to my attention Truckers to Shut down America since then as of this writing, has grown over 63,000 "likes" on Facebook literally within days and to top that off, Canada has just recently decided to join in to the effort and support Americans, with their website Canadians Truckers to Shut down.

Now before you start thinking that this is just a trucker deal or that the truckers are being selfish and that it's going to cost American businesses money, I wanted to discuss for a moment what the whole purpose of this strike is.

From their website... .

"The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!"

nobody would dispute that truckers were having a hard time making a living especially the owner operators with all the new regulations, license fees, permits and other fees and a lot of times they barely make their enough money to pay themselves and now you got to put a mandated insurance policy on them thanks to Obamacare.

But as I said on the onset, it's not just about trucks.

The strike is to send a message just like the recent rally known as the "Two Million Bikers" on 9/11 who rode across country into Washington, DC..

Other groups have formed in addition to the Tea Party such as, Impeach Obama websites and others as Americans are getting fed up with our government and the fact that they are not listening to us anymore.

People are starting to speak up.

Recently with Syria, our representatives were receiving phone calls on an average of 500-1 against going to war.

Not only was the president embarrassed by claiming that he had a red line on Syria regarding chemical weapons and then denied it stating that it was something that the [evil] Republicans or the media drummed up.

Russian President Putin was surprisingly one of doing more to demand peace than our president.

if you have a Facebook account, go to the "truckers to shut down America" website and "like" them and spread the word.

Even if you're not a truck driver, or if you are and you cannot join the strike, you can still support the cause. Remember as the preamble says, "We the People..

Monday, August 26, 2013

Biggest Marijuana Bust in Lane County


3000 plants were found in the Willamette national Forest near Westfir making it one of the biggest marijuana busts it over 15 years estimating to be worth over $30 million.

16 people were arrested and lodged in Lane County Jail on federal drug charges.

"We determined that there were several thousand plants in three separate areas and today we went in and removed all of the marijuana from all three ends," said Sergeant Steve French Lane County Sheriff's office spokesman.

..."Multiple suspects have multiple deportations from the United States back to Mexico,” French said."
Which is a federal crime, not a misdemeanor which really doesn't mean anything anymore.

The sheriff office is trying to figure out if these people have ties to the Mexican drug cartels.

in unrelated news,

The Washington Times -- Obama Adds to the List of the Illegal Immigrants Not to Deport: Parents

You can come up with your own conclusions.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Glimmer of Hope

Robin's Commentary --

The Constitution of the United States... what is it and why should we care?

I mean have you really given it any thought.

I'll be honest with you... most of my life I really have not. It's a document that I've heard of and we talked about it briefly in school [at least from what I can remember] but it's something that's always been there and taken for granted.

Moreover, until I opened up this blog, I really didn't give too much thought about the Constitution and politics. True, just as a lot of people I bitch and moan about taxes and stupid laws that directly affect me but as for the Constitution and the federal government... never really gave it much thought.


This is when I really started reading the Constitution and tried to understand it better especially under this administration when we hear the president stating, "if Congress won't do it, then I will."

The Constitution, being the law of the land was something that I thought was written in stone. Then I got to thinking about what happens when the people who enforce the law... don't.

We rely on the Supreme Court and Congress to enforce the Constitution but apparently, that system is starting to break down when the people that enforce the Constitution no longer believe in it. I cite an example in 2008 when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg told an Egyptian TV station that she would not recommend the U.S. Constitution as a model for Egypt's new government.

"the problem, you see, is that the U.S. Constitution is a rather old Constitution..." " The Heritage Network"

Nevertheless, we as a society have gotten to the point beyond what President Kennedy has said, "ask not what your country can do for you, but would you can do for your country." Those words did not have that much meaning until you start hearing people crying, "I'm going to vote for Obama because he gave me a free phone."

The Democrats for example are hoping to gain more votes because they feel they can't stand on their own legs so they have to offer amnesty to an approximately 11 million + illegal immigrants who illegally cross international borders for their own personal gain.

I recall a coworker of mine when we were discussing the upcoming Memorial Day holiday who asked me, what is it and why should I care?"

We have represented John Conyers “I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill, What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?” referring to Obama care which in my opinion is going to bankrupt America after goes into full implementation in 2016.

[Mr Conyers, if you didn't read the damn thing... then don't vote for it!]

Nancy Pelosi commenting that "you have to pass a law to know what's in it..."

If this were a Saturday night sitcom, it would be funny.

However, these are people that actually have a great influence over the policies that affect every person within the United States and these are just obvious examples.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and others constantly use the phrase, "the people of the United States wants..." insert agenda.

I'm referring to Harry Reid's recent comment regarding Republican filibustering.

How many people know what filibustering is? I didn't, I had to look it up.

It can seem rather hopeless at times doesn't it?

While I am very proud to say that I've gained a little hope recently when I had the pleasure to meet one-on-one for coffee with a candidate for Senate for the State of Oregon Ms. Jo Rae Perkins.

I've had the pleasure of having numerous conversations with her online and after I've had the opportunity to meet with her in person, unlike other candidates that I have had the pleasure of meeting, I truly feel that she is real and that she honestly believes in the Constitution and for what America stands for.

I'm hoping to get her on the radio program one of these days for an interview.

It's going to be a tough journey for her but we need to elect candidates and replace candidates who do not believe in the Constitution first.

Too many people have gone into office and have come out millionaires.

That's not why we send these people to Washington. We send them there to do a job, READ THE BILL, and to defend the Constitution. These words, "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the president of the United States, and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

These are not just words without meaning.

The office of the President or any other high-ranking official is not there for his or her own personal gain or forum.

Disrespecting the office by commenting on local cases such as the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case is just one example.

Being in high office does not make you a rock star Mr. President.

It's time for change and it's time for America to pull their head out of their ass and insist and get involved that our elected officials [Representatives] do what we hired them to do.

Until then, one day you will wake up from a little bubble wrap society box as you're standing in line for your mandatory implant [don't think it can't happen, the technology now exists] as you blindly comply and wonder what happened because you were more concerned about America's Most Talented or football.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

President Obama Speaks out regarding the Trayvon Martin Case

The White House Press Briefing--

President Obama in a surprise appearance during a news conference told the audience that after watching the debate over the course of last week that "I [Obama] thought it might be useful for me to expand on my thoughts a little bit."

The president commented that in a case such as this, reasonable doubt was relevant and they rendered a verdict, and that's our system works however, expressed concern about how people have responded to the verdict in how they are feeling.

"You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that could have been my son.  Another way of saying that he is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago." Pointing out that "There are very few African-American men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing loss click on the doors of cars..." that has happened to me -- at least before I was a senator."

The president's comments won praise from Benjamin Todd Jealous, the president and chief executive of the NAACP, who called it a powerful moment.  "That our president has been profiled should encourage all Americans to think deeply about both the depth of this problem and how our country moves beyond it."[The Daily Caller--]

An interesting point is that reviewing the transcripts, I will give the president credit that what he said and how news services interpreting it are two different things.

but despite the "vigils" and people feeling that justice was not done by Zimmerman being acquitted, I have a few questions to ask.

#1 would we even be talking about this at all if the president had not [inappropriately] first spoke about this case on national television and continues to do so?

#2 what is Martin had actually killed Zimmerman when he was beating Zimmerman's head against the concrete, would we still feel the same way?

#3 our justice system whether you approve of the verdict or not has ruled in Zimmerman's favor.  Do you agree with Eric Holder contacting the NAACP and wanting to now go after Zimmerman for civil charges?

#4 do you agree or disagree that the media was biased on this case?