Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama care -- the details

Robins Commentary --

The Supreme Court gave the go-ahead to enact Obama care by changing the classification of not having insurance from being just a fee or fine to being a tax which in several years could cost you $695 in penalties for 2.5% of your income whichever is greater.

Below, I have included the actual ruling from the Supreme Court and the Obama care act itself [you know the one that nobody has read and Nancy Pelosi said that you have to pass a to know what's in it]

this opens up in my opinion a Pandora's box which allows the government to set a new set of rules that directly affects our lives.

At the very least... those of us who cannot afford healthcare and who do not meet the low income disqualification for the penalty [tax] are now placed in a financial situation that we may not be over get ourselves out of.

In later commentaries... I'll go into more details however, I encourage you to read for yourselves the facts and decide for yourselves the long-term consequences of what just happened this week.

More later...


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