Friday, September 30, 2011

another example of just how bad Oregon sucks

Robins Commentary --

As people who know me and who know my history, know that I have spent the majority of my life working as an electronics technician ranging from component level electronic repair to high-speed manufacturing and robotic equipment.

Of course in the Eugene area to my knowledge we do not have that much manufacturing going on in order to apply for a job in my particular field so I have to start searching outside of the area such as Portland.

Recently, I discovered a job that was fairly similar to my last job working for a international company that closed in 2003 and I was thinking, "hey, I think I could apply for this."

One little problem...

This job requires in Oregon LME license.

Okay sure... so I go to the state of Oregon website and look up what a LME license is and it turns out just like when I used to own my own business that it is a Catch-22 scenario.

In other words... you could have 50 years of experience from another state, degrees up the yang and still not be eligible to take the test for the LME license.

The license requires the completion of a two-year apprenticeship and/or have worked and can show at least 4000 hours in a "licensed and qualified" facility.

In a way I can understand previous requirement however, I feel that if you have the experience such as myself that you should be able to challenge the test.

By the way... even though I have over 4000 hours of experience, apparently, according to the state of Oregon the company that I worked for "technically" was not following the law as far as licensing so my experience does not qualify.

Oh yes, to add to the frustration, I called the states of Arizona and Nevada and found out that they have no such requirements and both basically said, "come on down!"

Personally, (and also based on my dealings with the state) I think that Oregon needs to lighten up a little bit with the license requirements especially in this recession because they are definitely limiting access to living wage jobs.

While the representative from the state of Oregon commented that I could go through a two-year apprenticeship program in order to get the license... that may be easier said than done.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Illegal aliens in the family
President Obama is two for two

Robin's Commentary --

The issue of illegal aliens is really starting to heat up especially within the White House arena after the Obama administration decided to put a halt on deportation of over 300,000 illegal aliens.


Why has the president been so adamant about pushing for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" and the so-called "DREAM act?"

Perhaps the answer lies in one of the biggest issues or reasons for granting amnesty is to keep families together.

The issue of keeping families together seems to be a personal issue within President Obama's own family when it was first divulged that Obama's Aunt Zeituni "Auntie Zeituni" Onyango was an illegal alien living in Boston and overstayed her visa in addition to not complying with her 2004 deportation order and then granted asylum in 2010. Times online

I guess it really helps your situation when you're related to the commander-and-chief

Recently, the President's half uncle Onyango Obama, 67, when he was arrested last week for drunk driving and it was discovered that he is an illegal alien.

Uncle Obama has been living in the United States for nearly 50 years and also ignored a deportation order in 1992 and now plans to use the same lawyer that his sister used to fight the deportation order.

According to Fox news, Obama has a valid Massachusetts driver's license obtained in 1992 and a valid Social Security number.

While it is currently unknown how Obama attained his legal documents... speculation is that he was here legally at some point and that his visa ran out.

In my opinion... just like the President's Aunt, I would say that it is a fair bet that uncle Obama will also be granted asylum.

But you can't help wondering how many other of Obama's illegal relatives are in the country.

if anything has come out of the birth certificate issue is that all elected candidates (just like the rest of us) should have to provide proof that they have the legal right to work in the United States.

But at least it answers the question regarding President Obama's push for amnesty is more of a personal family issue and not just to obtain the Hispanic vote.