Thursday, April 28, 2011

do think renaming Highway 126 is a good idea... I don't

Robin's commentary --

With the recent murder of officer Chris Kilcullen, there is talk and even a Facebook page that is been set up with the proposal of renaming Highway 126 to the "Officer Chris Kilcullen Memorial Highway"

While the idea is honorable... please let me explain why I don't think it's a good idea versus actually placing a memorial bronze plaque or statue at 52nd Street and 126.

We have several roads which have been renamed in Eugene area, such as beltline renamed to Randy Pape Beltway, Leo Harris Parkway and Bob Straub Parkway. who in the hell are these people?

not to be rude... but unless you happen to know who these people are and why a street was named after them... it's really rather meaningless.

Think about it!

That's why I think that in addition to a tree that has been planted at the location of his murder 52nd Street and 126, adding a plaque or statue or something at that location would be more appropriate because you could also add an explanation of what happened and who officer Kilcullen was and what he meant to the community.

Just my opinion.

additional information KEZI

By the way, there is a bill pending in the current legislature, here is a bill pending in the current legislature, HB 3039, that would allow ODOT to honor police officers who die in the line of duty by erecting and maintaining a highway memorial sign in their name. ODOT suggests you provide your thoughts to your state legislators HB 3039, that would
allow ODOT to honor police officers who die in the line of duty by
erecting and maintaining a highway memorial sign in their name. ODOT
suggests you provide your thoughts to your state legislators.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eugene police officer Chris Kilcullen -- Memorial at 52nd Street hwy 126

Register Guard --

I'm going to do this blog segment a little different than previous ones without regurgitating what happened. If you'd like to read more details about this, please refer to the link above.

What I wanted to say is that I stopped by the roadside memorial located at 52nd Street and Highway 126 and I must say that I am very impressed and proud of the support from our community regarding this tragedy.

During the 15 minutes that I was there, at least 10 people have stopped by to pay their respects and had the opportunity to speak with a few of them, including one who lived nearby.

in honor of Officer Chris Kilcullen tragic death, I am proposing that there should be a permanent memorial placed at this location in remembrance of officer Chris Kilcullen's dedication to his duty and his services to the community.

Below are some of the pictures that I took of the tributes that people have left honoring officer Chris Kilcullen.

Officer Chris Kilcullen, thank you for your service to our community.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eugene police officer Chris Kilcullen -- RIP

Register Guard--

Chris Kilcullen, a 12 Year veteran of the City of Eugene police force currently assigned to the motorcycle traffic team died in the line of duty last night while trying to stop Cheryl D. Kidd, 56, of Springfield on Hwy 126 in the Thurston area.

Kidd fled the scene and was later taken into custody unharmed after she turned into a US forest service road reaching a dead-end.

Kilcullen is survived by his wife and two kids.

sometimes we forget just how much of a dangerous world it really is out there especially when it hits home in our own little community, because you would expect this to happen more in larger cities like Los Angeles or New York.

we have actually been lucky in this area while even though a few officers have been shot while performing their duty, Kilcullen was actually the first officer to die in Lane County since 1934.

our hearts go out to him and his family and to all those who every day who risk their lives in order to protect ours.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

EmX sign code battle continues
Is the city overstepping its boundaries?


after an anonymous complaint the city of Eugene sent out letters to several businesses in the Eugene area requesting that they either get a permit for their anti-EmX signs or take them down.

However, Brian Michaels, a local attorney says that the sign code needs to be researched.

"it's a very cautious journey for the city to enter into when it tries to stop speech. Particularly when the speech happens to the contrary to what the city is proposing to do." Michaels said

one of the businesses who were targeted by the city says that the city is definitely out of line and that his sign isn't going anywhere.

personally, I think that the city is playing with a hot potato because people over the last couple years are getting pretty fed up with the games that the city of Eugene has been playing.

Recall what happened when the voters rejected the public safety tax initiative and the commissioners went ahead with it anyways?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

businesses ordered to take down the EmX signs
I'm surprised it took so long


The city Eugene after receiving several complaints has ordered several businesses to remove the "no build" EmX banner stating that the banners violate the city signed code.

Laura Hammond of the city of Eugene said that "there is signs on both sides of the issue. Our job is not to worry about what's on the sign, but really the size and placement of the sign."

The city of Eugene stated that the code inspectors don't go hunting for violations they just follow up when they receive a complaint.

okay, be honest... is anybody really buying the city of Eugene's excuses?

A show of hands please?

Yes, you in the back... yes, third door on your left.

No, I did not think that anybody did.

However, we all know that we are going to get that stupid bus system whether we want it or not.

The reality is... federal dollars are at stake.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fees attached to tuition

On Lars Larson today, they were talking about extra activity student programs that have nothing to do with education...

and because I love Lane Community College so much, I thought that I'd point out some of the extra tuition fees that students are required to pay...

$5.00 Technology fee - use of computers labs, etc
$27.00 Transportation fee - [this pays for LTD whether you use the bus or not!]
$12.00 Student Health
$30.00 1st time enrollment fee

Special activity fees...

$46.25 student activity fee -- this is broken down to...
$3.00 OSPRIG
$7.62 co-op
$7.44 ASLCC operations
$12.00 recreational sports
$2.00 International Study program
$0.50 BSU (Black Student Union)
$2.00 Women's program
$2.75 Torch (Student newspaper)
$1.90 CDC Subsidy (child Dev)
$3.00 Longhouse Building
$0.50 Student Production Association
$1.00 Learning Garden

I don't think that every student has access to everything that they are paying for.

Friday, April 08, 2011

government avoids shut down
Is anybody surprised?

Miami Herald--

Congress and the White House averted a partial government shutdown agreeing to last-minute budget cuts of 38.5 billion from federal spending.

isn't it interesting the top news items regarding the federal shutdown was the military not getting paid and the funding for Planned Parenthood which Nancy Pelosi called a "war on women."

Give me a break!

I tell you, our government can be more entertaining than a late-night sitcom.

Frankly, I was hoping and so were a lot of other callers on various talk shows for the government to shut down despite some of the consequences of such.

If for no other reason, maybe it would force them to tighten up some of the pork belly spending with our money.

Well, at least Jay Leno and Letterman will have something to talk about.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

should we waived tuition fees for foster children?

The Oregon Capitol News --

A bipartisan proposal to waive tuition and fees for Oregon's public universities, community colleges and the Oregon health and science University for former or current children in foster care which is estimated to cost about $1 million was approved on Wednesday.

"I’m uncomfortable, to say the least, about passing anything without a complete fiscal [impact statement],” said Rep. Betty Komp, D-Woodburn.
"I certainly haven’t had any time to study this bill or have communication with my colleagues, much less any of the advocates,” she said. “This is like walking into a tunnel blind."

Portland Democratic Representative Michael Dembrowwho is one of the sponsors of the bill's has asked that the fiscal impact statement be removed so that the bill would not have to go to the Ways and Means committee.

the house subcommittee on higher education has already approved the fee waiver and it has to be passed by the house is full education committee before it could proceed to the legislature.

to be honest... I have mixed feelings over this.

Dembrow claims that there are "so few children" that would qualify for this that it would be hypocritical not to offer them this type of education break.

I would think that trying to pass this type of bill without a financial impact statement sounds like trying to sell snake oil. e.g. somebody has to pay for it.

The other concern is that parents might consider sending their children to foster care who can't afford to send their children to college to get a good education.

Rep. Julie Parrish commented that in order for the colleges and universities to "absorb" the tuition costs that other students are going to have to pay for it.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Moron Alert! Sales tax again

the Oregonian --

John DiLorenzo, lobbyists and lawyer would like to introduce a Sales tax In Oregon to provide [insert background harp music] basic health care coverage for everyone in the state.

his theory is by imposing a five to 7% sales tax, Oregon to raise enough money to cover everyone in the state.

the cure are all just like measure 66 and 67 and we all know how that worked out... IT FAILED BIG TIME because they didn't take into account of how many businesses and people have left the state.

DiLorenzo believes that the bonus to employers is that it could knock 15-20% off their payroll costs.


I really don't believe these morons. We are in tough times, the money tree has not only gone bare but the limbs are fallen off of it, and they still think that we have more money that we can pay in taxes, not to mention that we've already told them NO nine times on a sales tax and they still suggest it.

I sure would like to know what world these guys live in because it sure isn't mine.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

President Obama announced his bid for reelection
According to electoral college... he's already been reelected

USA Today --

270 votes from the electoral college is all it takes to win the election.

According to the NBC battleground map, president Obama would already received 232 electoral votes.

well I guess since the election is already been decided, why even bother.

So what do you think?

Are you in favor of Obama being reelected or not?

and do you feel that he has been good or bad for America?

Friday, April 01, 2011

Nanny state wants headlights on ALL the time

Statesman Journal --

Oregon lawmakers (with nothing better to do) are considering a bill make vehicles more visible would requires drivers to have their headlights on all the time.

The house committee will hear testimony on Wednesday April 6th.

OMG {sigh}

just another way to make money

first of all, ODOT says that fatal car accidents are down 13% in 2010 then why are these idiots wanting to pass more laws...

Oh yeah, the money issue.


if these people can't see a car in the day time, then you don't belong on the road.

think you're getting a free ride having electric car... think again

business week --
Oregon lawmakers are considering charging eight a letter to vehicle owners 1.4 three cents for each mile they drive beginning with cars from the 2014 model year.

Oregon has already been considering a program similar by placing a GPS in your car and charging you your "road tax" when you fill up. Road User Fee Task Force

opponents of the measure say that it's too early to tax electric vehicle use because they wish to make using "nonpolluting" more attractive.

the question really comes to mind in my opinion, is it really about making electric car owners "pay their fair share" or is it really just about opening the door for the GPS per mile tax debt the state of Oregon has been considering for a few years now. (See link above)

It's funny in a way... they are always screaming that we should conserve more, drive more efficient vehicles... and then whine very loudly when the revenue drops dramatically because of their efforts.