Saturday, October 02, 2010

Defazio campaign versus Robinson

Robin's commentary --

One thing I can definitely say about the elections this year is that they are very entertaining.

Once I particularly enjoyed are the ones from Peter DeFazio against Independent Art Robinson. For example at the following website "who is Art Robertson?",

"I think public schools should be abolished... "

Public education is "child abuse" and should be abolished...

Doesn't like plans to reform Wall Street...

People calling for financial reform are "making a mistake"

What I think is funny... is that everything that the DeFazio campaign is trying to put down regarding Art Robinson, I totally agree with.

"I don't think public schools should be abolished"... I think they should be overhauled and that there should be an audit of their finances because they never seem to have enough money and quite frankly, I don't think were getting our money's worth.

"Education is child abuse"... yes in a way it is. If you read the report by 20/20 and if you look at what is being offered in schools and how many students are dropping out... then yes, I would say that instead of preparing the student for the future, then yes I would say very much so that it would be child abuse. While it is exactly been a while since I've been in public schools, if I compare them to my recent experience at Lane community college, then yes I would have to agree that it is child abuse because they are definitely doing a disservice.

"Doesn't like plans to reform Wall Street" well, neither do I. There are systems in place (or least there were) to prevent the Dow from crashing known as circuit breakers. The economic meltdown in which they are blaming on Wall Street is simply because the price of futures raised fuel costs so high that it triggered a series of events that were just waiting to be triggered.

The government was continually raising the interest rates in addition to high taxes and unemployment and the catalysts that broke the camel's back was when gasoline was five dollars a gallon for some people to decide between food and putting gas in their cars to go to work. But that didn't stop the cities from continuing to raise the gas tax either such as what is happening in January in Oregon when gas tax goes up six cents a gallon.

So is financial reform "a mistake?" Time will tell... but from what I have seen of it, personally I think it is.

So basically my point is, every time I hear a DeFazio attack at against Art Robinson, it just makes me more in favor of Robinson.

But just remember folks... even though Peter Defazio for years has done Oregon well, HE DID VOTE IN FAVOR OF OBAMACARE which for me, is enough not to give him my vote.

Chris Dudley and John Kitzhaber -- what I'm really getting a kick out of them, is the "dueling point plan" that they are bouncing off each other.

Chris Dudley has a 20 point plan

John Kitzhaber has a 26 point plan

Personally, I don't think we need any more recycled candidates, in fact for that matter, I think it's time to just "kick the bums out" and start over.

This has nothing to do with bipartisanship... it had more to do with "taking back America" and reminding OUR EMPLOYEES that they are there to represent us, and to work in our best interest... not the other way around.


Anonymous Gary said...

You must be reading my mind because I was going to email you about what I have found. I was surfing the net and somehow I got to a site that claims that there are several congressmen who are members of an organization called The Democratic Socialists of America, and guess who's name was on it! Yep, Peter DeFazio. So on 9/23 at 9:00am, I called Defazio's Eugene office and asked if this was true. The lady I spoke to said she didn't know but would send it on to the Washington office and have them answer me. I am still waiting for a call. So, that started my mind to work and I found out that DeFazio was one of the co-founders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus which has or had ties to The Democratic Socialists of America. See the list at

12:49 PM  
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