Friday, October 02, 2009

up up and away...

Oregon Department of Transportation --

October means the beginning of a lot of things. Fall, my favorite holiday... Halloween, and of course, new taxes and fees.

And unfortunately, some of those fees that are going up is the cost of driving a vehicle.

Some of the changes include some of the following...

A regular title will increase to $77 from $55

Registration for passenger vehicles including hybrids and electric cars, for the initial title, increases to $172 from $108 and a two-year registration fee will increase to $86 from $54.

Motorcycles and mopeds, the new fee will be $96 in increased from $60 for a new registration. $48 increased from $30 for a two-year registration.

Commercial vehicles, the new fee will range from $55-$1295 in increased from $27-$636. Almost double.

However, the Department of Motor Vehicles would like to remind you that these increases are going for a good cause.

* A sustained $300 million per year for road repair and improvement (half goes to Oregon cities and counties).
* A series of 37 major state highway construction projects.
* Support for Amtrak Cascades train service, roadside rest areas, urban trails and bicycle paths, and public transportation for seniors and people with disabilities.

Currently, fees for driver's license are not affected

although I currently do not have a link for it, I also recall that the gas tax is scheduled to go up $.06 gallon the first of October. a really smart move speaking sarcastically if you recall that the higher fuel prices is one of the things that was the catalyst for putting us in this economic recession.

keep it coming... I think they're still a few people in Oregon that are still doing well financially... can't let that happen.

However, in a companion piece...

The register guard October 1, 2009

Tax Increases Would Help State Economy More Than Cuts, Reports Finds

a continuation of trying to convince voters to approve the $733 million tax increase...

If voters approve $733 million in higher taxes next year on corporations and high-income households, the state’s economy will probably be better off than if state government cuts spending by that amount to balance its budget, says a report issued Wednesday by the nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office.

The 27 page analysis from the first such independent study to come out since critics lost a campaign to refer the measure to the voters to defeat the tax.

Legislative Revenue Officer Paul Warner said raising taxes and cutting state spending both have the effect of “pulling dollars out of the revenue stream” in Oregon’s economy.

supporters of the tax claim that the higher rate would primarily get big corporations and that by 2013, the report predicted that 118 businesses, all with Oregon sales above 75 million would also pay a higher rate.

several things that they are forgetting, it is the old saying of the "trickle down theory." When you increase the costs on the larger corporations, that costs is passed on to the consumer. Even larger corporations are forced to cut back on services and benefits. And companies that depend on these corporations for livelihoods are also affected.

The theory that just because a large corporation has "deep pockets" does not necessarily mean that they are a bottomless pit of money. Even Microsoft for example has threatened to move out of the country due to increased costs to operate within the United States.

Locally, Sony in Springfield, one of the primary reasons that they closed their eight-year plant was due to the expiration of their tax benefits. The trickle down effect from Sony closing, not to mention the 277 employees that were laid off at the time, affected several other local companies such as Sherwood packaging in which Sony was a primary customer.

In my opinion, especially if it means increased taxes, we should at least as taxpayers have a say on whether or not we want to pay more in taxes.

And I would like to point out also has some in Salem sometimes believe, that were just holding out and not wanting to pay more.

To that, I say get real.

A lot of us, including my household, have seriously cut are spending in order to try and make our monthly obligations. Even if we wanted to pay more in taxes, we just don't have the money to do it.


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