Monday, August 17, 2009

Oregon construction contractors license renewals dropped by almost 14%

USA Today --

The number of Oregon contractors renewing their general contractor's license is declining, and some worry that some contractors who are not renewing their licenses may be working illegally.

This is based on the decline of 699 license renewals and 220 construction businesses or individuals that were fined for working, or offering to work without a license.

"We think there is an increase (in contractors working without a license during the recession)," Yorke said. "There are a lot of Craigslist listings and informal work going on. Half of the people on Craigslist aren't licensed, and some of them even admit it."

out in the field, some contractors are seeing a real correlation between the economy and the number of unlicensed contractors trying to find work.
"I can't hire them," claims Tim Schmidt, owner of Got Power Electric. "There is work going on out there that is unlicensed and unpermitted. I know that for a fact. People are stupid if they don't renew their license. Even if you're not going to use it, you should renew it."

it is scary to hire a contractor who is not licensed and/or experience. However, isn't it interesting that "it seems" that the CCB is now concerned about the lack of revenue from contractors not renewing their licenses either because they're trying to cut costs or they went out of business in this economy by trying to compete against other contractors who are using illegal aliens to undercut them.


Blogger OregonGuy said...

A year ago contractors were up to their necks. Today, a lot of fellers are watching television.

Why re-up your license when it's cheaper to hook up with a freind who has his, and some work? When you've had to lay off your entire crew it's time to find a job. There are a lot of good, young guys hoping for anything right now. What the state doesn't understand--since they don't have to deal with markets or the effects on prices and wages of supply and demand--is that when it comes to survival mode, you cut costs. Aggresively. Increase taxes too much? That money moves into the underground economy. It's all pretty much "textbook", but who, working for the State, has ever read such textbooks with comprehension?

10:18 AM  
Blogger Sarah Clark said...

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