Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oregon House Bill 786--
a continuing series of how Oregon is dealing with high unemployment

office of the speaker Dave Hunt

Senate Bill 786, the Oregon workplace religious freedom act, passed the Oregon House on a 38-21 vote on Friday. The act ensures that Oregon businesses will be able to practice their religion freely by requiring employers to provide accommodation for religious believes provided that it does not impose "undue hardships" on the businesses.

The bill is now waiting Governor Ted tax-and-gouge-me's signature

when I see how much Salem is really working so hard to save our economy, it just brings tears to my eyes or is that just my allergies.

on a serious note, I'm sure with all good intentions over this bill... I can already think of a few things that may be placed to challenge. For example, the siesta, halloween is considered a holiday by some, a legal holiday with a day off? Could claim it's a religion.

Hunt claims that this is designed not to "place undue hardship on employers, but to make sure that all businesses know clearly what the responsibilities are when employees as for religious accommodations."


Blogger OregonGuy said...

So now a manager needs to make a decision on what is a serious religious belief.

By the way, did you notice that Scott Bruun--who wants to be our next governor--sponsored this bill?

I've been a boss for some forty years. If a guy had some religious thing going on, I did the right thing an attempted to honor that. However, if I offer you a job with the understanding that I can schedule you for any day of the week, and you accept, guess what?

I'm gonna schedule you whenever it fits the business's needs, not yours.

You don't want my job because of work on Saturday? Don't take it.

This just chaps my hiney. We used to be a place where establishment was prohibited. Now we've created a law where we can be prosecuted for religious negligence.

What a world.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Bobkatt said...

It appears that David Hunt is not satisfied with pandering only to illegals.I thought that Progressives were all for keeping the Government out of religion.

12:14 PM  
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