Friday, October 03, 2008

It's all in a day's work


It is 7:20 AM.

Oregon State police trooper Steve Thrapp finds himself in pursuit of a suspect who was weaving back and forth across the road and who failed to yield to his lights and siren on highway 58 east of Eugene.

In a attempt to stop the suspect, a roadblock was set up 11 miles east of Eugene.

As the suspect approaches the roadblock, he attempts to drive around a patrol car where he is tackled by trooper Casey Codding and arrested for disorderly conduct, failing to obey police officer and resisting arrest.

The suspect is tackled by a trooper while driving a car???

Not exactly!

The suspect was Robert James Frank, 39, of Eugene who led the state trooper on a 5 mph chase on a bicycle after a report of a bicyclist riding without lights and wearing dark clothing on highway 58.