Saturday, February 24, 2007

Is Not the Money, It's the Principal Of What They Did That Has Us Angry


Some Lane County citizens are furious over the actions of Lane County commissioners who passed an income tax that was defeated by the voters merely four months earlier.

"I just found something that really steamed me, you know?" explains Ben Pooler of Eugene. "And the irritation factor of what they did, behind our backs, basically."

Pooler and a half dozen coworkers are organizing a fight against the Lane County income tax because as Pooler says, "he's had enough".
"There is no reason this couldn't have gone on the ballot in a special elections in May," explains rally organizer Bob Hooker, "let the people vote on it."

It was not for the recent passage of the Lane County income tax, to cut cost, pink slips would be given to employees as early as mid-April, leaving employees waiting for the results of the May election, explains County Intergovernmental Relations Manager Tony Bieda.

"When you have employees in turmoil, on the edge of their seat, worried about where their next paycheck's going to come from," Bieda says, "they're not really focused on being productive members of an organization."
just like people in the private sector. (Recalling three years ago when three major businesses closed and 1400 people suddenly lost their jobs in Lane County in one week)
it is not really the tax itself that has people so angry, it's the principle behind it that has them all fired up.

"I'd never been a protester, I've never organize a protest, any kind of a rally or anything like that." Explains Bob Hooker, "but it's time we stood up."

Petitions have already started circulating to obtain the needed 5577 signatures to get a referendum on the May ballot.
that is my point exactly. It's not the money, it's the principal.
While I don't think anybody wants to see anybody lose their job, unfortunately, that's life.
Job security is a thing of the past especially in this economy, and I'm speaking from experience where the company that I donated eight years of my life to, packed up one day and left. It happens unfortunately.

The point is, despite the financial need, there is NO excuse for anybody in government to blatantly go behind the voters back and STEAL money out of the voter's pockets for their own agenda, no matter what that agenda is.


Anonymous Laura said...

It has been a regular practice for people to work without contracts for years. Right now there are fire depts. and some teachers, who continue to do their jobs and get paid while they await a new contract. Gov't practices this also. I see no reason for them to assume that employees won't do their job because they don't know where the next check is coming from. They are supposed to be doing work for the check they are currently receiving.
I believe that community leaders in this country were emboldened by King George enacting policies without approval....if he can, so can they.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Bobkatt said...

Even though I work for Lane County and may be in line to loose my job, this is a travesty. As far as I know the commissioners haven't done anything to correct the inequity of the government retirements not being taxed and they are totally disregarding the will of the people.

3:38 PM  
Blogger OregonGuy said...


'Member when Archie Weinstein and Jerry Rust were on the board? Good grief, life was good then.

There is room for common sense to live in the Emerald Empire. I've actually experienced it. Even Henny Willis would have noticed it.

Keep up the good fight. Love your show!

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since PERS accounts are not able to be taxed by state law the commissioners equalized the tax by also exempting private retirements from the tax. It was in the RG. So equity is present.

And as to why PERS is exempt, it falls under the issue of double taxation - remember that word when GW talked about lowering capital gains.

And finally, I think the issue of working without a contract is vastly different than the issue of working WITHOUT A PAYCHECK which is what would happen to these county workers.

People need to get over this. The county commissioners did what was necesssary.

1:13 AM  
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