Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mexico supports our war on drugs by legalizing possession of marijuana, cocaine and heroin

Reuters news service--

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - the measure passed 53-26 to allow possession small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin for personal use. The aim is to let police focus on their battle against major drug dealers. President Fox expected to sign it into law.
" I would say any law that decriminalizes dangerous drugs is not very helpful," said Judith Bryan, spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. "Drugs are dangerous. We don't think it is the appropriate way to go "

under the new law, police will not penalize people for possessing up to 5 g of marijuana, 5 g of opium, 25 mg of heroine or 500 mg of cocaine.
The changes will also decriminalize the possession of live the qualities of other drugs, which include LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms and amphetamines [go get them sleepy Ted]
well that should draw some of our bad guys like a magnet to Mexico

Friday, April 28, 2006

May 1, 2006, spend like crazy and take names.

Robin's commentary --

May 1, 2006 also known as mayday, is a day that millions of illegal immigrants and their supporters plan to march on the streets to try to literally "shutdown" or cripple the United States in hopes of showing how much the United States really needs the illegal alien.

Well I think that a reverse strategy might work in this instance.

On Monday, May 1, go out and spend like you've never spent before. (Within reason of course) and takedown names of the businesses that have supported the walkout.

May 2, 2006, we then start to boycott all the businesses that supported the illegal alien walkout.

The one power that we have which is much greater than any nuclear weapon, is the power of the consumer.


Don't assume that just because a business, such as a Mexican restaurant or Mexican themed business is supporting the walkout. The point of the boycott is not to punish businesses that follow the law.

It's OUR country, and personally I would like to keep it that way.

The Spanish version of the national anthem -- should we be honored or insulted?

Oh say can you see -- a la luz de la aurora?

Nuestro Himno -- "our anthem" the Spanish new version of the national anthem is scheduled to hit the airwaves today.
""Nuestro Himno" is intended to be an anthem of solidarity for the movement that has drawn hundreds of thousands of people to march peacefully for immigrant rights in Washington and cities across the country, says Adam Kidron, president of Urban Box Office, the New York-based entertainment company that launched the project.
"It's the one thing everybody has in common, the aspiration to have a relationship with the United States . . . and also to express gratitude and patriotism to the United States for providing the opportunity," says Kidron. "

Some say that the song in Spanish is a rejection of assimilation into the United States.
""Even our Spanish media are saying, 'Why are we doing this, what are you trying to do?' " said Pedro Biaggi, the morning host with El Zol (99.1 FM), the most popular Hispanic radio station in the Washington area. "It's not for us to be going around singing the national anthem in Spanish. . . . We don't want to impose, we don't own the place. . . . We want to be accepted." "

The song was being prepared for e-mailing as MP3 packages to scores of Latino radio stations and other media last night, and Kidron was calling for stations to play the song simultaneously at 7 Eastern Time this evening.

Assimilation --
I guess the question is, who is trying to assimulate who?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

immigrant boycott aims to close US cities

Reuters-Yahoo news--

A demonstration turnout as large as the protests of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, pro-immigration activists plan to hit the streets of May 1, 2006 with millions of Latinos to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants.
"There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We're going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno," said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies credited with rattling Congress as it weighs the issue. "We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally)," Rodriguez said. "That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1." "

May 1, Mayday, was chosen because this is a day when workers around the world traditionally march to improve labor conditions, and have strong support from big labor and the Roman Catholic Church.
" They vow that America's major cities will grind to a halt and its economy will stagger as Latinos walk off their jobs and skip school "

" Teachers unions in major cities have said children should not be punished for walking out of class. Los Angeles school officials said principals have often been told they should allow students to leave but walk with them to help keep order. "

Companies that offer support and will be closing their businesses on May 1 in support of the rally include,
large US meat processors including Cargill Inc.

Tyson Foods Inc.

Seaboard Corp.

Oregon Dairy Farmers Association

pay close attention on May 1, and then tell me that we have not been invaded.

especially after what happened on 9/11, when the steps we have taken to secure our country such as the creation of Homeland security, increased security at our airports and ports. Increased security in our federal buildings...

But yet entering this country legally is merely a misdemeanor.

you have got to be kidding.

---------------------- Tyson Responds -------------------------
(Hat tip to Scottiebill)

Tyson Foods Press Release

Most Tyson Plants Will Operate on Monday May 1st

Springdale, Arkansas -- April 28, 2006 -- Tyson Foods today issued the following statement in response to inquiries about the company’s operating schedule for Monday, May 1, in light of planned immigration rallies across the country:

Most of the more than 100 plants we own will operate Monday to meet the needs of our customers. About a dozen plants, mostly red meat operations, will be closed due to a combination of market conditions and the expected absence of workers.

While we understand the sentiment behind the May 1st events and support comprehensive immigration reform, we are not encouraging workers to participate in the rallies. At those plant locations where we are scheduled to operate, we are asking workers not to take any unauthorized time off and instead seek pre-approval from their supervisor or participate during non-work hours.

Employment Verification
Tyson Foods has zero tolerance for employing people who are not authorized to work in the U.S. We use all available tools provided by the U.S. government to help determine our Team Members are authorized to work in this country.

Tyson voluntarily participates in the Department of Homeland Security’s Basic Pilot program, which allows us access to government databases that assist in the documentation authentication process. We’ve used the Basic Pilot at all of our plants since 1998. Before the Basic Pilot became available, we participated in the government's Electronic Verification Pilot or EVP program.

We train our hiring managers on proper employment documentation procedure and work to increase their awareness of identification and documentation fraud. We regularly audit our hiring process including work authorization documents and also use an independent, outside company, which conducts its own audit of our hiring practices.

The Basic Pilot is effective in helping us verify the Social Security numbers of the people we hire. Unfortunately, the program has limitations. It does not currently help us in cases of identity fraud when an individual assumes someone else’s name by using their Social Security number. This is another reason we support efforts to reform immigration law. We believe companies should not be placed in the role of policing who has proper work documentation. If the government isn’t going to assume this responsibility, then it should give companies more tools to do the job.

The power of the comsumer!

Senate OKs $2 billion to stop illegals


The Senate yesterday approved immediately spending nearly $2 billion to stop illegal immigration, the largest such infusion of emergency cash for the effort in recent years.
"Porous borders are a threat to our national security, and the Senate has acted today to provide vital funding that will increase our border defenses "Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican, said after the vote

This bill, if approved by the House, would make Bush's guest worker program more difficult to pass through Congress.

The 59-39 vote came one day after Mr. Bush appeared to endorse the Senate proposal that would give many illegal aliens already in the country a path to citizenship.

Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, asked Mr. Bush about Bush's "guest worker program" a.k.a. Hagel-Martinez proposal if he defined "amnesty" as a program that does not force the illegals leave the country before applying for citizenship.

According to Mr. Graham, Bush's reply was, "you don't want me to answer that question."

While this is a good step towards securing our borders and making our government finally realize that there is actually a problem.

Of course to define "problem".

Our [American people] definition of "problem" is we see what happens on the grassroots level.

Their [US government] definition of "problem" whatever benefits them at the time.

The last demonstration by illegal aliens basically showed the US government and the citizens of United States how big the problem actually is and this upcoming "walkout" happening on May 1, 2006 may further visually demonstrate how out of hand the problem has gotten.

A similar analogy would be when you see a mouse in your house, you may only think that there is one or two mice. In actuality, there's a whole nest hiding underneath the house. Most people do not worry too extensively about one or two mice, however, left alone, you wind up with a population that even your cat is afraid to handle.

We, the citizens of the United States, need to continue to keep the pressure on our government to send a message that we will not tolerate the selling out of America any longer.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mick Jagger versus George Bush, George loses

Online Sun--

In a race for a luxury royal suite at a five-star imperial Hotel in Vienna Austria, coming in second was our own President Bush.

"Bush’s people seemed to be under the impression that they would just hand over the suites but there was no way Mick was going to do that.” "

White House officials wanted to reserve the suite that all the other rooms on the first floor, well, I guess life is just full of disappointments.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

is this even an issue?

the other day when I was on my way to class, I sometimes cut through the Center for Media and Learning which is located on the lower floor of Building 19, which is also the same floor that my CIT classes are located on.

as I was getting ready to enter the building, I was surprised by a sign that was placed on the window next to the front door

it was a public notice that LCC was applying for a liquor license for the center.[someday I need to get a cell phone with a camera]
I thought this was kind of odd, because I thought alcohol was not allowed on campus and especially, when you have a large population of minors on campus.

I could be wrong... yes, it does happen

and this could totally be a nonissue.

I just thought it was unusual.

Friday, April 21, 2006

ICE - Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said, "Illegal immigration poses an increasing threat to our security …"

ICE unveils second phase of secure border initiative (SBI)
" WASHINGTON , D.C. - Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Julie L. Myers, Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) today unveiled a comprehensive immigration enforcement strategy for the nation's interior. "

SBI, is the Department of Homeland security's multiyear plan to secure American's borders and reduce illegal immigration. The primary objective is to reverse the tolerance of illegal employment and illegal immigration in the United States while targeting employers of illegal aliens and immigration violators inside this country.
The strategy has three primary goals or courses of action that will be carried out simultaneously...
" · The first is to identify and remove criminal aliens, immigration fugitives and other immigration violators from this country.

· The second is to build strong worksite enforcement and compliance programs to deter illegal employment in this country.

· The third is to uproot the criminal infrastructures at home and abroad that support illegal immigration, including human smuggling / trafficking organizations and document / benefit fraud organizations.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said, "Illegal immigration poses an increasing threat to our security and public safety, and hard-hitting interior enforcement will reinforce the strong stance we are taking at our borders. "

ICE assist Secretary Myers said, "This strategy lays down a detailed roadmap for ICE and Homeland security to pursue in addressing the massive illegal alien problem in this country."

Goal one: identify and remove criminal aliens, fugitives and other immigration violators.
Goal two: build strong worksite enforcement and compliance programs to deter illegal employment
goal three: uproot the criminal infrastructure that supports illegal immigration

Normally, I would say I would believe it when I see it. However, in a related story...

Feds crack down on employers using illegal immigrants. -- KATU 2 News

Federal agents on Wednesday arrested seven current and former managers ofIFCO Systems a manufacture of crates and pallets on criminal charges and more than 1100 people were arrested on administrative immigration charges at more than 40 company sites in the United States.
"We are going to move beyond the current level of activity to a higher level in each month and year to come," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday. He pledged to "come down as hard as possible" on violators."

of course there are those who are in favor of illegal immigrant workers
" Don Sherman, director of the Cincinnati Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, an advocate for immigrant workers and their rights, was skeptical about the government's move.
"I think the timing is very suspicious because there are a number of rallies coming up around the country promoting immigration reform," he said. "

more than half of the companies 5800 employee during 2005 had invalid or mismatch the security numbers
" The case began after officials got a tip that IFCO workers in Guilderland, N.Y. were seen ripping up their W-2 forms because they did not intend to file tax returns, Chertoff said. "

Thursday, April 20, 2006

May 1 --an opportunity to vote with our money

May 1,2006 is the day of the national work stoppage where illegal aliens and their supporters will walk off the job to show their support for illegal immigration.

consider this... what better way to find out which companies may be hiring illegal aliens?

We as US citizens have a unique opportunity to vote with our dollars by compiling a list of businesses that support illegal immigration and no longer doing business with those companies.

Lars Larson is currently compiling a list of those companies that support illegal immigration.

If you happen to know of a company who will be participating in the walkout, Lars Larson wants to know and you may e-mail him. consider this... what better way to find out which companies may be hiring illegal aliens?

We as US citizens have a unique opportunity to vote with our dollars by compiling a list of businesses that support illegal immigration and no longer doing business with those companies.

Lars Larson is currently compiling a list of those companies that support illegal immigration.

If you happen to know of a company who will be participating in the walkout, Lars Larson wants to know and you may e-mail him

as a consumer, we can do with the federal and local government won't do, not support illegal immigration.

It is all about the almighty dollar... and consumer still control it!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mexico disapproves...

Tuesday, April 18 2006 -- update

Mexico criticizes Georgia's newly approved anti-immigrant law

Hat tip to Daniel's site for the update
As anticipated, Mexico chimes in on the Georgia law.
"Ruben Aguilar, the spokesman for President Vicente Fox, told a news conference Tuesday that Mexican consular officials will closely watch the application of the law, which gives Georgia some of the toughest measures against illegal immigrants in the United States.similar to HB 4437

"The referred legislation incurs discriminatory acts against the Mexican population and those of Mexican origin," Aguilar said. "It is a partial measure that fails to resolve the complex phenomenon of immigration between Mexico and the United States in an integral manner. "

I don't see what was so complicated. They cross our borders illegally, that makes them illegal. Black-and-white.
Georgia Gov. Sunny Perdue signed the bill Monday, after protests for and against it, and a daylong work stoppage by thousands of immigrants.

"I want to make this clear: we are not, Georgia's government is not, and this bill is not, anti-immigrant," Perdue said at the signing in Atlanta. "We simply believe that everyone who lives in our state needs to abide by our laws."

to me, that seems fair. You are requiring EVERYBODY to follow the same laws. We [US citizens] have to prove that we have the "right to work in the United States" [INS I-9 form] before we are allowed to work, why should anybody else be of exception.

The fact that a president from another country is complaining about us strengthening our laws and tightening our borders should be a clear message that something rotten is in the works.

However, the Mexican government has discouraged consular officials from any involvement in a wave of demonstrations in favor of reform that have swept U.S. cities during the last month.

Furthermore, Aguilar announced Tuesday that Mexican consular officials have been prohibited from taking part in a one-day walkout planned by migrant activists in the United States for May 1. They also cannot in a simultaneous boycott of U.S. goods being organized by activists south of the border.

a show of power....a threat?

Are we ready for another nuclear war?

Reuters & Yahoo! News--

President Bush on Tuesday said that he refused to rule out nuclear strikes against Iran if diplomacy fails regarding the Islamic Republic's atomic ambitions. When President Bush was asked if the option included planning for a nuclear strike,
" Bush replied: all options are on the table. We want to solve this issue diplomatically and more working hard to do so.

The United States is accusing Iran seeking atom bombs after President Bush declared Iran a nuclear power after it has successfully enriched uranium to the level used in power stations.
" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during an armed forces parade on Tuesday that any aggressor would regret attacking the Islamic Republic, which is embroiled in a nuclear dispute with the West. Iran insists its program is civilian despite accusations by the West that it wants atomic bombs."(source)

For country that cannot even secure its own borders, we sure think were smart enough to tell everybody else what to do.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Georgia governor signs sweeping immigration law

Reuters - Yahoo News--

" The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, signed into law by Gov. Sonny Perdue, denies many state services paid for by taxpayers to people who are in the United States illegally.
It also forces contractors doing business with the state to verify the legal status of new workers, and requires police to notify immigration officials if people charged with crimes are illegal immigrants."
"Other provisions of the law prohibit employers from claiming a tax deduction for wages of $600 or more paid to undocumented workers, impose prison terms for human trafficking and limit the services commercial companies can provide to illegal immigrants. "

""If you are not a U.S. citizen, you should not receive a U.S. benefit," said Steve Bray, a Georgia resident who was waving a U.S. flag and said he supports legal immigration. "

Sunday, April 16, 2006

It is always the kids that suffer

Robin's Commentary
When the illegal immigrants cross the border they often bring their children or have children once they are here. Unfortunately, it is the children who ultimately pay the price for their parent's bad decision.

The children unfortunately get stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some [the ones who were not born here] find themselves trying to exist classified as illegal aliens in the only country that they have ever known.

While others who were born here [anchor babies] have to deal with the reality that their parents may be illegal and could be deported at any time.

For the citizens and lawmakers of the United States, we are placed in a hard position of being inflexible with the law and exporting these children into a country that they have never known or do we show compassion for these children and allow them to stay.

the parent should be held responsible for their actions

It was not the children's fault that they are over here against their will. Child Services Division (formally CSD) would have no problem in making the parents responsible for their children. technically I'm assuming that this could be a form of child endangerment.
isn't it already illegal to take a minor across state lines under some circumstances?

We should just kick everybody out of the country who is illegal. Ignorance of the law is no excuse... Illegal is illegal is illegal!

While I will agree that it's easy enough to say... in reality I do not think as far as the children are concerned, it is very practical. "I put the responsibility back on the parents. What are they WILLING to do to help their children. Are they willing to learn English? are they willing to do anything that it takes to become a citizen? and are they willing to pledge their allegiance and loyalty to this country and for what it stands?

Oregon Senate bill 769 students rally for immigration tuition billproposes to allow in-state tuition to "undocumented workers" and to be offered to Oregon high school students who have attended high school for three consecutive years.

In reality, this is another example of how a parent's decision to violate the law has seriously affected their child's future. Without legal status, there is nowhere in the United States where their children may receive "in-state tuition." Again, catch 22.

I do not think that it is fair to allow the exception of offering in-state tuition to someone who is undocumented while at the same time penalizing citizens from other states. There are several cases pending in other states challenging the legality of similar bills and lawsuits demanding reimbursement to students who have paid out-of-state tuition in the past.

" "I have supported this bill because these students have been in our system all along," Starr said. "They are not going home." "[source]
they are not going home...

There will always be criminals... so in that case should we leave our front doors unlocked?

Of course they're not going home. They have no reason to. We [our government] is selling out America and rolling over and playing dead allowing people who have entered this country illegally without fear of penalty and at the same time bending over backwards to support them. So why should they go home?

Why do you think they are so upset and holding massive rallies against House Bill 4437?

Senate Bill 2075 109th Congress development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2005
" To amend the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility
Act of 1996 to permit States to determine State residency for higher
education purposes and to authorize the cancellation of removal and
adjustment of status of certain alien students who are long-term United
States residents and who entered the United States as children, and
for other purposes. "

It's all about the children and responsibility.

That responsibility can lie with the parents of the children and the governments from which the parents came from.

The United States may be a melting pot, it is not the world's babysitter.

additional information
April 6, 2005
March 28, 2005

Friday, April 14, 2006

17 Painters attending Monday's immigration rally in downtown Seattle lost their jobs

the Oregonian--

Painters working for Laitala Enterprises working in a fife subdivision left work two hours early to attend the march of about 30,000 demonstrators.
" We weren't going to let 17 people leave early for basically no excused absence," Monroe-based home-painting contractor Terry Laitala told The Seattle Times. "We let people leave early if their family is sick," he said. "They didn't have a reason. I mean, they did, but none that fit into our policy "

the 17 workers, mostly Latino, filed a grievance with the union after Laitala refused to reinstate them.
Any of the companies that I worked for if I left early without permission or valid excuse, I would be canned & the same for my employees.
This is no different from walking off the job and quitting.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

a job opening

City of Eugene--

*Spanish language skills are required for this position. Language testing will be administered to finalists.*
" General Statement of Duties:
Under the direction of a Librarian, the Library Assistant 3 (LA3) at the Bethel Branch Library performs a variety of complex clerical and moderately paraprofessional library work, such as providing reference and readers’ advisory services to the public, paraprofessional cataloging of new library materials, and maintenance of accurate bibliographic records. Work will focus on performing library activities of a skilled public or technical nature. Duties require considerable prior library knowledge in the program area, including knowledge of relevant library systems, library collection, bibliographic resources, and specialized techniques. Spanish language skills are required for this position. "

sleepy Ted calls for special session for April 20

the Oregonian--

Governor Ted Tax-&-Gouge-Me said Thursday that he will call the Oregon Legislature into special session April 20.

On the agenda is...
§ Plug a $140 million hole in the state human services budget
§ Find ways to help Portland schools and other struggling districts
§ Consider a bill to limit loan rates that could be charged by payday lenders
§ Impose mandatory prison terms on adults who raped or commit other sexual abuse against children under the age of 12

Chief of Staff Pat Egan, "made it clear that wiping out the human services budget deficit and helping schools are the governor's top priorities for the 2006 special session."
" Senate Democratic leaders have suggested using $45 million in increased lottery revenue to aid financially struggling schools in Portland and around the state.
They also want lawmakers to consider extending a temporary property tax in Portland to help the city's schools. A similar proposal failed to win approval in the Legislature's regular session in 2005."

hat tip to Laura for this article.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lane community college gives pink slips to 50 employees


ironically on the same day of the job fair held that Lane community college, on tonight's news was an article about Lane Community College is giving notice to about 50 employees as a result of its $6 million budget deficit.
" This continued disinvestment in community colleges is the reason for our reductions and our increases in tuition which are keeping many, many students out of a higher education. It's very unfortunate," said Mary Spilde, LCC Presdient. "

Computer science students such as myself have already felt the effects of the budget cuts through reduced hours in the Labs.
" I sort of depend on those lab hours to get tutoring and help of my project for programming and sciences, is still difficult to sort of do it on your own." Said Ben Abbey, a computer science student at Lane Community College
It's sort of like we need this to go on in our education, so it hurts,

Who's to blame for this situation?

" the simple fact here is that between the ballot measures that reduce the budget in the state funding situation, we cannot continue to provide services the way we have. "Said Bob Baldwin, union president

LCC officials feel that a change in the Pers rate or additional state funding from special legislation sessions avoid this situation.

Personally, I don't see how a change in a Pers rate or additional state funding is going to help.
While I am first to recognize that there are some excellent instructors and programs at LCC, I also feel that it is time for shakeup like this, simply because at least based in my experience, that they have simply forgotten their sole reason for their existence.

Their primary customer... the students.

Let me put it this way; I will be graduating at the end of this term after spending over $21,000 for training for an entry-level position. My expectation for the amount of money that I spent on my training was a lot higher than what I felt that I got.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

He said the "S" word

the Oregonian--
Ted Tax & gouge me says that a sales tax is needed.

Kulongoski, once again demonstrates to the people of Oregon just how out of touch he is with the needs and wants of the people.
" We need to have a tax system that provides stability over the long term... That would include, Kulongoski said, "a substantial reduction in the income tax, and looking at a consumption tax of some kind. "

I don't know what rock sleepy Ted has been hiding under, but he is definitely out of touch with reality.

who are the real criminals and parasites?


"Demanding to be treated as human beings"
Yesterday, protesters took to the streets over the United States to protest HR 4437 which could make it a felony, punishable by criminal prosecution to be or help an undocumented immigrant.
part of the confusion has been the differentiating between ILLEGAL & LEGAL immigrant.
"The unprecedented upsurge of protest for immigrant rights sweeping across the U.S. is a great and tremendous thing! From New York to L.A., from Chicago to Houston, millions of people in cities throughout the country have taken to the streets, demanding justice and basic rights.
These immigrants face the daily terror of living as “illegals,” subject to being suddenly snatched away, locked up, and deported across the border, or being targeted by vicious anti-immigrant vigilantes. But instead of being paralyzed by fear and driven deeper into the shadows, people are raising their heads, asking why things are the way they are and what can be done about them—and they are taking action! "
you broke the law! How many times do we have to say that you broke the law. As with anybody immigrant or not who broke the law, should be in fear of being caught and punished for their crime. This is a society of laws and that is the way it is supposed to work. When we stop enforcing our laws or are selective on how we enforce our laws, that we become a nation of anarchy
" The basic demands of the people are clear, just, and reasonable—and they must be met. These include:
· No discrimination against immigrants legal immigrant's
· No to the Minutemen and other anti-immigrant vigilantes you need no police?
· Stop and reverse the militarization of the border take down defenses e.g. unlock the front door
· Full rights and access to decent education, health care, and other social services I didn't realize it was a right
· No deportations
· No round-ups
· No detention centers/concentration camps
· No criminalization of those giving aid to immigrants "

how can you demand anything? You want us to respect you for breaking our laws?
Just think for a minute what you are asking us to do!
Would you feel the same way for somebody that burglarized your home?
The burglar might make the argument that he supports the economy and has a family to feed. So should we deny him the opportunity and not call him a criminal because he broke into your house?
Should he not be in fear of being caught by the police because he broke the law. Should we turn our back on him?
So, what is a difference between an illegal immigrant and a burglar? They're both criminals. They both broke the law.
" Various demonstrations are being planned for the coming weeks that in the main express these demands. People should come out to these demonstrations, and the demands listed above should be brought to these protests, supported, and fought for. People especially need to come to the support of the youth who have been defiantly walking out of school in their tens of thousands. It's b.s. for anyone to preach to these youth to “stay in school”—when they are contributing, and learning, and teaching others so much by fighting for what is right. "

The point that the demonstration was trying to make I believe was to demonstrate how much that we "need" the illegal immigrant, however, I think the message that was actually sent is by their sheer numbers alone was a demonstration of the seriousness of the invasion to our country.
If... there are no other methods of legally entering this country, then I can sympathize with their position. But that is not the case. Although not a perfect system, there are at least a half-dozen methods of legally entering this country.
There is no excuse.
And I hate to sound coldhearted... but you chose to be here. Unlike the Africans who were drugged here against their will, you came here by your own accord knowing the consequences of geting caught.
But instead of trying to improve your own country and situation, you bring your country here.
Yesterday's demonstration proves that you can organize... now, why don't you use that strength to make your own country better. Take home with you what is good about this country and apply that to your country.

We had a revolution in the United States. Instead of running, take back your country Mexico and make it the People's Mexico.
If that means getting rid of Fox, then do it! Get rid of the corruption in your own country and the reason that you felt you had to leave. Focus the revolution in your own home because you're not getting mine.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I came from Mexico through Arizona... what's the problem?

Robin's Commentary

I was going to write a whole big article with details similar to the song "Alice's restaurant" along with 8 X 10 color glossies about today's march regarding illegal immigration. Instead, I decided to shorten my commentary by asking one question of the people who enter this country illegally and are requesting citizenship.

Would you recite the following words and say them as though you mean it with your heart?

"I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

In some cases, INS allows the oath to be taken without the clauses:

". . .that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by law. . ." the oath of allegiance

You come to this country, and call it to your home. Are you also willing to defend it from foreign invaders?
Are you willing to abide by its laws?
Are you willing to learn the language of the land which is primarily English and a requirement for naturalization?
"Applicants for naturalization must be able to read, write, speak, and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language. Applicants exempt from this requirement are those who on the date of filing:
· have been residing in the United States subsequent to a lawful admission for permanent residence for periods totaling 15 years or more and are over 55 years of age;
· have been residing in the United States subsequent to a lawful admission for permanent residence for periods totaling 20 years or more and are over 50 years of age; or
· have a medically determinable physical or mental impairment, where the impairment affects the applicant’s ability to learn English.
Sec. 312. [8 U.S.C. 1423] "

You asked for amnesty...

amnesty comes at a price...

are you willing to pay it?

Immigrant organizations are calling for a general strike on May 1...

Reuters --

Immigrant organizations are calling for a general strike on Monday, May 1 to show what would happen in the United States without immigrants.
" What we are seeing in the streets is a naked assertion of power," Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, said. "This isn't really about immigration -- it's about power.

Immigrant activists prefer to call it strength in numbers -- and the numbers have been rising. So has the use of Spanish, which has become an unofficial second language, found on government forms and the menus of automatic teller machines. "

Last Friday, the U.S. Senate failed to agree on a bill that would pave the way toward citizenship for 7 million illegal immigrants which angered many illegal immigrants.
"That ... could change America into a culturally bifurcated Anglo-Hispanic society with two national languages," Harvard professor Samuel Huntington says in his book on America's national identity, "Who Are We?"

Organizers of Monday's protest determined to curb a negative reaction from Americans produce messages on Spanish-language radio over the weekend encouraging immigrants to "leave the flags of your country at home & wave the flag of the country in which you wish to be excepted."
good advice.
The United States was able to "ignore" the problem when illegal aliens basically stayed underground. The fact that they have begun to be a forefront and refuse to assimilate into our society which brought attention to them is when most problems began.

I'm not advocating for illegal immigration nor am I saying that taken advantage of cheap labor is right. It is not!
If the illegal immigrants really wanted to help the situation, they would by definition not be illegal. E.g. they would go to the proper channels to become citizens.

I also find it highly ironic in the articles I have read that in this day and age of terrorism concerns, that crossing into this country illegally is a misdemeanor. [Unverified information]

If this is true... what a joke!

No wonder why other countries laugh at us and spit on our laws.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

State considers ban on freeway bicycle use

The Oregonian--
Cyclists tell an ODOT committee that bike use should be encouraged, not discouraged, to ease congestion

A state proposal to ban bicycles on Portland area freeways has cyclists up in arms.
" The ban is not fair, it's not right, and it's not what we as a city and a state should strive for," said Gary Ginsberg chairman of Portland's bicycle advisory committee. "

Then there's the issue about keeping up with traffic...

" If you're in reasonable shape, you can darn near keep pace with traffic," he said. "There's nothing cooler than passing a car on the highway on your bike. "Said McKenzie, a planner for the city of Hillsboro

I don't know of many bicycle riders that can keep up with 55 miles an hour for any length of time. This is of course assuming normal freeway speeds with little or no congestion
" Not all cyclists oppose the ban.
Terry Nobbe, who said he was an instructor for the League of American Bicyclists, said there are parts of the country where access to the freeways is needed -- but not in Portland.
"Putting in a ban will not hurt bicycle travel in any way," Nobbe said.
And Jerry Norquist of Cycle Oregon, and a member of the state committee, cautioned against taking an inflexible stand. Working with ODOT to bring some common sense to the issue could have political benefits for cyclists in the long run, he said.
"We are threatened with losing something we don't use," he said.

here are a couple things to consider...
"814.400 Application of vehicle laws to bicycles. (1) Every person riding a bicycle
upon a public way is subject to the provisions applicable to and has the same rights
and duties as the driver of any other vehicle concerning operating on highways"
[that a course means that they are required to follow the same laws as any motor vehicle. And of course, we all know that they do that. (Choke)

811.130 impeding traffic; penalty. (1) a person commits the offense of impeding traffic at the person drives a motor vehicle or a combination of motor vehicles in a matter that impedes or blocks the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.
[814.400 basically just said that bicycles is subject to the same laws as motor vehicles, so I would interpret that as 811.130 would apply]

The main point is that the freeways are not designed for slow-moving traffic such as bicycles and safety would be a huge concern. We all know that there are some good bike riders & bad bike riders. I don't not think I know of any driver who has not at least one time in their life had to slam brakes to avoid hitting a bike because they swung out into traffic or did not look before crossing the street or....

It would be almost impossible to avoid hitting a bicyclists at freeway speeds under the same conditions.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

“Jessica’s Law” Passage Goal of Special Session for Atkinson

News Release April 7, 2006

Central Point, OR April 7, 2006 – Oregon State Senator and candidate for Governor Jason Atkinson today pledged to use the upcoming Special Session of the Oregon Legislature to advance one of his campaign goals: passage of Jessica’s Law. Jessica’s Law, which has already been approved in 48 other states, would set lengthy, mandatory minimum sentences for child sex abusers as well as provide for better tracking of these predators.

“When Jessica’s Law was killed by the Democrats at the end of the 2005 Session,” Atkinson said, “it sent a signal to sexual predators that Oregon was a good place for them to do business. We do a better job of tracking Mad Cow disease than we do those who want to hurt our children. I’m going to use the upcoming Special Session to ensure this important law protecting our children is passed.”

Despite the opportunity it provides to stop sex abusers, Atkinson was critical of the Governor for calling the Legislature into Special Session. “As a veteran of five previous not-so-Special Sessions,” he said, “I understand that they are called for primarily political rather than policy reasons. As Thomas Jefferson said, ‘neither a man’s wife nor his wallet are safe’ when the Legislature is in session. The Governor already has the authority to solve the problems at the Department of Human Services, but he refuses to exercise the leadership that would be necessary. The Governor’s refusal to act just puts the exclamation point on why new leadership in the Governor’s office is absolutely critical. We have to stop doing things the way we’ve always done them. It increases the impression among voters that their government does not respect them.”

Atkinson is the only Republican candidate for Governor who will participate and have a vote in the Special Session. For more information, visit

Friday, April 07, 2006

Immigration bill fails Senate test vote


Just a day after leaders from both parties agreed to the plan and predicted it would be widely embraced, new bickering shelved the measure amid complaints it would give amnesty to immigrants who illegally entered the country.
Backers of the bill fell 22 votes short of the 60 needed in the 100-member Senate to overcome procedural hurdles and move the bill forward.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

This will never happen again.

[ a friend sent me this one]
On Wednesday, April 5, 2006, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 AM in the morning, the time and date will be

01:02:03 04/05/06

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Time Change

Don't forget to move your clocks 1 hour ahead tonight!