Monday, February 06, 2006

Senator Jason Atkinson Takes a Stand

February 6, 2006


Contact: Lara Wettig

Senator Jason Atkinson Takes a Stand

Central Point, Oregon – State Senator Jason Atkinson (R-Central Point), candidate for the Republican Nomination for Governor of Oregon, announced today his continued support for legal immigration, calling for immediate reforms to Oregon’s current crisis.

"As Governor of Oregon, I will uphold the Constitution and the laws of our state and work passionately to protect legal immigrants,” said Senator Atkinson. Atkinson said he will ensure taxpayer-funded benefits are given only to those who are in Oregon legally.

Atkinson’s five part plan includes the following:

1. Calling for stronger federal border protection and enforcement of immigration laws already on the books. As Governor, Jason Atkinson will see to it that law enforcement in Oregon strictly enforces these laws.

2. Supporting federal and state employer sanctions that create civil and criminal penalties for those who employ illegal aliens and supports giving employers real time verification of eligibility.

3. Blocking access to state services like voting rights and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, services that should be going to those people who are legally in Oregon.

4. Demanding greater accountability by state agencies that knowingly or willfully offer or provide non-emergency state services to illegal immigrants who are, by definition, breaking the law.

5. Finally, after removing incentives that lead to illegal immigration in the first instance, Atkinson will support a limited, temporary guest worker program to allow Oregon’s agricultural economy to continue to operate in Oregon.

“This plan protects Oregonians, rejects amnesty, and stops the abuses of taxpayer money,” said Atkinson. “I will not support a plan that is amnesty by another name, regardless of who proposes the plan.”

Finally, Atkinson concluded, “Unfortunately my position on illegal immigration has been distorted by talk radio. I will not capitulate to the whims of any special interest nor will I allow my position on illegal immigration – or any issue for that matter – to be determined by someone else’s personal political agenda.”

Atkinson was the first Republican candidate to outline these proposals last fall and his principled stand on the issue has lost him support from some who believe he would not be tough enough on illegals. Atkinson will travel to Washington, DC next week, in part, to lobby on this very issue.
As a candidate for Governor of Oregon and soon to be published author, Senator Jason Atkinson understands what it means to be an Oregonian. He respects Oregon’s proud history and is committed to serve the citizens of Oregon. He is in the race for governor to give people their government back and recognizes the importance of industries like agriculture to our economy. For more information visit


I know that this is repeating what is on the other blogs, but I did not want to feel out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post, but he totally avoided (again) clarifying if he is for or against Bush's temp worker program. Something like:

I am against President Bush's guest worker program would have made a clear statement.

All I see is more song and dance, and a spiteful attack on Mr. Larson.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What part of "I will not support a plan that is amnesty by another name, regardless of who proposes the plan" don't you undertand?

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

You need to update your Atkinson Blogger network list...many have dropped out since the Lars incident. Like Daniel for example.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it is interesting that Atkinson had to send his dogs out to cover his butt after he spoke on friday.

Can't the man speak for him self?

Why did he do a no show when Lars gave him another chance to talk?

7:47 AM  
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