Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Steal gasoline... lose your license

Changes in Oregon's traffic laws

do I stop and wait for the pedestrian cross one lane or all lanes of traffic?
confused? So were the people that wrote the changes in the law last year.

Under the old 2004 law, motorist are required to stop before turning and wait until the pedestrian crosses both the drivers Lane and the adjacent lane before moving on.

Unless... [under the new law] if a pedestrian is proceeding under a pedestrian control device, the motorist can now turn once the pedestrian has reached a six-foot buffer between where the vehicle is going to turn and where the pedestrian is at.
that makes a little bit more sense than the previous law where you have to wait for somebody to completely clear the intersection and then by that time the light has already changed and only one car managed to get through the light.
Really smart guys.

Other changes for 2006 ODOT

House Bill 2361 clarifies Oregon law by giving DMV authority to automatically revoke a drivers license after a third conviction under the influence of intoxicants. Did Kulongoski also want to includes the medications in the definition of intoxicants?

Senate Bill 568 allows courts to suspend a drivers license for up to 30 days for motorists convicted of driving more than 30 miles an hour faster than the speed limit or by going 100 miles an hour or faster.

House Bill 2811 expands the Oregon law prohibiting placement of a television screen within view of a driver to include all image devices, such as DVD and CD players. clocks also? The law exempts vehicle navigation systems.
it does not mention any exception for computers placed within a view of operators of emergency vehicles

Senate Bill 487 [generously] allows Oregon residents returning from active deployment outside the United States up to 90 days after discharge to renew their expired driver's license or vehicle registration.

Senate Bill 2937 allows courts to suspend a drivers license for up to six months upon conviction of theft of gasoline. so they refused to do anything about cars theft, but you can lose your license for stealing the gas in the car.
You got to love Oregon. Humm, I wonder if that also includes from lawn mowers

Senate Bill 640 will require DMV to compare an applicant's photo to customers photos already on file using facial recognition software, prior to issuing a license or ID card.


Blogger Dare!PDX said...

Ginny Burdick (currently running for Portland City Council) is responsible for the first law mentioned. She believes (and brags) about giving pedestrians the right away on all streets. Including those where its unsafe to stop. Also, she seeks to make it always the driver's fault when a pedestrian or bicyclist is hit (makes it easier to sue).
Yeah liberalism!

10:55 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

is that the same person that wants to change the bike laws to where bikes DO NOT have to stop at stop signs?

this makes the whole point of how our system is backwards...

(Salem)passes laws for anything that they want whether we like it or not and if we don't then we have to rally to get rid of it.

it just seems wrong

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have said for years that we need to fire congress and start over again. With King George on the throne and his cronies running the show, we are most certainly doomed! They will continue to pass whatever laws they want and we, the people can't do much about it. It's time for a revolution!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous gullyborg said...

You will be pleased to know that, at my urging, my then boss, Rep. Nelson (R-McMinville), was the ONLY member of the House to vote against the gasoline theft bill.

11:46 AM  
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