Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Law enforcement -- can we all just get along?


Police hope a new property crimes task force will bring some of Lane County's most prolific thieves to justice.
The team is the brainchild of Lane County Sheriff Russ Burger, who pitched the idea to state and city police earlier this year to address the area's high property crime rate, which for years has outpaced that of the state and the rest of the country. gosh, you don't think publicly advertising that you will no longer be responding to burglar alarms and prosecuting?
The other agencies, including Eugene, Springfield and state police, the Lane County District Attorney's Office and county parole and probation, were eager to join in. Of course, were asking for a new tax that we want the voters to pass
The team's secret weapon? Communication. Communication??? That's it??? "It's hard to get agencies together to talk about cases," sheriff's Lt. Randy Smith said. "The goal is really to share information and to apprehend the most prolific burglars and to return as much stolen property as you can."
"These burglars and thieves don't just target one jurisdictional area," Sheriff Burger added. "They cross boundaries." really??? Those dirty bastards

"When someone writes a search warrant for meth, they're probably going to find stolen property," Smith said. "And when someone writes a search warrant for stolen property, they're probably going to find meth." Yah, you think… but I'll bet you that they will not find any Theraflu.

"The team's secret weapon? Communication."
Gee, you know what is odd... I thought that they were working together. Intra-agency communication enhanced by technology, computers in their cars, video cameras and radios.
I did not realize that they were all running independent clubs.

Therefore, the big Woopdi Doo of this story is that the different agencies are going to start talking to each other… Humm…. is it just me, or does this sound pretty lame.

Remember folks, these are the same people that are asking for $49 million and a sales tax.

I will give kudos to Lane County Sheriff Russ Burger for trying to help and should encourage others to come forward with ideas as well.


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