Tuesday, November 22, 2005

is it racist to advertise that you speak English?

a California gardening company that advertise the fact that its employees speak English is being criticized as perpetrating racist stereotypes by activists and its community by some in the Hispanic community like Lou Gómez, the president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are calling the ad racist.

The 2 inch ad in question was published at the bottom of Wednesday's home and Garden section, and reads: "having problems communicating with your current gardener? -- talk to us, where English-speaking."

John, a representative from the company, said that the ad simply speaks for itself and that he simply trying to compete. "Well, in the same way that you're able to say you cater, that you advertise that you do speak Spanish, why can't you advertise to English-speaking customers as well." said Angie White

Alicea Gonzalez said, "it doesn't directly indicate a race, but I think it's pretty clear what they are trying to insinuate, so I think it's insensitive."

insensitive? Do you not think it is insensitive when we drive by a store whose store name is only in Spanish? That seems rather obvious that they are excluding all the other races.

Personally, I think more companies should follow suit. I understand that from a business point of view that companies are openly advertising to their Spanish customers that they speak Spanish as a convenience to their customers. Well what about French, German, English.

Was wrong with advertising, "English customers welcome"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh . My . Gosh ... It never ceases to amaze me. This is as bad as it being ok for an Afro-whatever citizen to call another one the "N-word", but it being heresy for someone of another race to utter the epithet ... unless they're quoting the lyrics of a rap song.

It is beyond ridiculous to imply that advertising that you offer employees who speak more than one language is racist. People go out of their way to advertise that they can communicate with the plethora of spanish-speaking immigrants (legal and illegal alike). Why on earth should they not advertise that they can communicate with the majority of the population (well, those whose first language isn't some version of slang used by those trying to be uber-hip, anyway).

Imagine ... the alternative would be for immigrants to our fair land to *learn the language*, adopt the culture, and encourage those still in their native lands to obey our borders ... what a concept!

(Now, if only I could sign on with my regular blogger identify ....sigh) - FMIL

11:56 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I will admit that I'm confused... on the one hand (group a) claims that they are discriminated against for being a minority and yet refuses to become asimmulated into common society, which requires (group b) to feel like it walks on egg shells trying not to offend (group a).

but how would (group a)react if they become the majority and (group b)the minority. Would they be willing to make the same sacrifices to make things equal?


FMIL- I would be very interested to know why you cannot log on as your blogger identity. Send me an e-mail and we will see if we can figure this out.

7:59 AM  
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